Who’s this?

Just an intro for those of you who are like “WHO the heck is this crazy person on my feed?” I am Grandma of 2, aunti of many more from a small town in Northern Alberta.

I look like I know what I’m doing – and guess what? I do know how to be a proficient writer, editor and proofreader.

I help people overcome their struggles with bad English, poor grammar and finding the right words for their content by editing their fantastic piece of words and make it read as wonderfully as they believe it to be in their heads.

Seriously, you know tone deaf people who love to sing because they hear only the right notes? Sometimes, that’s precisely how writers write. They hear the right words in a story flowing in their heads, and the hand types it differently!

I have been told that I read the energy of those phrases, words and your desire and know what’s in your head.

I have also been called a perfectionist because I made someone’s staff look inadequate.
I like to think I am a little bit of both (aren’t we all?).

I like to live in a world where kind people and raisin filled butter tarts are at my beckon call.
Hanging around with me can cause some severe side effects because I tell it like it is, but with a sense of humour.

What story, book or article do you have that keeps your writing desires afloat in spite of possible flaws and inadequacies? Get a quote and let’s get you published! Contact me here!

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