Any Person Who can Speak English Grammatically, Can Write Well

Supporting Your Novel, Technical Manuscript, Web Page, Sales Letter Content to be a 100% Reflection of Your Good Writing

I think you already know this in your heart of writing heart: no one can be completely objective with their own work. Soooo…

If you write continuously, chances are that your work will require the least editing.

But if you pause after every sentence to reread and rewrite it, you will have a lot of trouble in editing.

One of the deadliest obstacles to good writing is critical over-conscientiousness exercised during the process of writing. Do not judge your work, edit it, or discuss it until it exists on paper. And then…

Are you tired of doing your own proofreading and editing?

Or how about never again being stressed out if you’ve got all your content smooth, ideas flowing, and punctuation in place before publishing?

Right? In which case I have created a little something that I’m pretty sure you will love (scratch that, I am absolutely sure you will love this idea)!

  • Prorisk Enterprises takes on your nightmare (if that’s the status of your book) and allows you to feel more confident and less stressed your content is professionally produced.
  • Erases years off your wrinkled brow in mere moments.
  • And this certainty about your work gives a professional different perspective how well or (not so well) your communication is doing!

Let’s connect; ask me anything: Select your Perfect Package below: Even this can be modified. Hit Contact Me and let’s track your grammar, spelling, concepts and ideas well-written now and for the future.

I offer copy editing for your content be it financial, conversation in quotations, web pages, white papers, your book, e-book, or your sales letters to your clients. I could also write your newsletter or email campaign to your customers—the sky’s the limit.

Add-Ons could include: Formatting for Kindle E-book, Real book Publications, and Cover and Jacket Designs.

“Happy Tears”

“I had the privilege of working with Patricia on my very first publication. She was a godsend! I let her know right away that I was new to book writing and I could promise her a ton of mistakes in my manuscript, but she was so sweet and informative. I never felt judged or that my work wasn’t “good enough.” I felt as if she believed in me and my story from the very beginning. I cried happy tears upon receiving her first email back to me after she edited a sample selection, her words were so encouraging and motivating and gave me confirmation as a new writer. I am looking forward to working with Patricia as I continue this series of books and well into the future. Words cannot express my gratitude for the assistance and support she has given me.”

Carly Ripple, Author, Tag, You’re Mine

Ready to Customize?

Your proofreader or more detailed editor cannot teach you to write. But she can provide a set of options and guidance that are helpful as general and professional principles. Patricia, with Prorisk Enterprises Ltd. Services, will give you that “big picture” review after the blue-penciling is all done.

And all of that, in as little as several hours, a week, or longer depending on your word count.

Wait—what’s blue-penciling? Most people are familiar with red marks destroying copy recommending different words, grammatical corrections, rewriting passive to active voice, but what’s with the blue?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, blue-penciled; blue-penciling; blue-pencils definition is: a transitive verb meaning

: to edit especially by shortening or deletion

Let’s customize your content to be its best in flow, communication and comprehension.

Allow me to cater a Proofreading, Editing or Critique Package designed for your literary objectives

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