If you saw this latest episode of This Is Us, maybe as I did, you felt like this was one of the strongest, sharpest, and revealing episodes to date. Past glimpses at Jack’s struggles with his alcoholism shook the surprise right out of me. Gut-wrenching! He needed to read my new book now, didn’t he?! http://proriskenterprises.com/product/groundshaking/

The truth is, and that’s what my book is all about, finding a new idea that is the truth, addictions of all sorts begin with learning from childhood values, ethics, morality and just plain ole environmental hooks.

A recent study at MIT found that babies as young as 15 months, learn perseverance by observing the behavior of their parents and other role models. Baby’s take note when you quit in frustration simple tasks like dusting half a room or doing half the laundry or failing to pick up after yourself. And they especially learn how to look forward to a drink to relax and put their feet up – when they grow up enough to do just that.

MIT researches boldly stated that “Babies learn from parents to be quitters.”  I will add to that. “Babies learn from parents how to be drinkers!”

Professor Lucas Butler, and expert on human development at the University of Maryland, said the MIT study showed that persistence at anything is not just a personality trait, but is fundamentally rooted in the social context. He said the findings prove it is never too early to learn the value of work, completion, as much as learning bad habits.

And those habits remain rooted in our psyche, unconsciously for years and decades if not looked at and shifted if they don’t serve us.

You can find out more about the unconscious aspect of why we drink or develop certain habits in my new book, http://proriskenterprises.com/product/groundshaking/

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