Did you miss your chance to register changing the habits of Spending Stupid?

My original Pilot 21 Day Debt Weight Reduction Program is Over! And people are experiencing shifts, more awareness and are making correct decisions for their lives!

People are making different decisions, feeling calmer and excited to take their stupid spending habits and change them to smarter saving money habits.

I’ve been asked over and over if I could open the program up because once I filled this first pilot round, I shut the door! I took the tab off my website and thought I would close the doors permanently.

But I was surprised. Women in particular asked me for help, so I’ve rethought and decided to open a second program!

Are you a woman in debt? Are you a woman who complains about the level of the bank account or access to funds? Are you Spending Stupid? Without thought of consequences?

Here’s why. Your outer world reflects modern, big and expensive. But your inner beliefs are still small and stuck in the past.

This is for you: 21 days to reverse your debt weight habit for good!

Is $1 a day worth it to YOU to learn how to drop the old baggage and lies about money and debt?

Is a $1 a day worth to help you release other people getting in your space, pushing you to do what you do, taking care of other people?

How about instead, let go of old conditioning and finally, permanently bring more joy into your own financial situation?

What if YOU could start hearing your own voice above the din of everyone else telling you how to live your life, and feel great about how to balance your financial life that supports you?

I want to teach you how to live within your means, create a simple, sensitive budget you can handle without screaming no, no no, and bust the habit of debt weight once and for all.

In my years of coaching, most clients want to know how to attract more money. But I’m being totally honest when I say to them, to you, earning more money is NOT the first step to reducing debt.

Earning more money perpetuates a bad habit of already out of control overspending.

You could get yourself deeper and deeper in the red (debt) if you don’t first squash the habit of NOT LIVING WITHIN YOUR MEANS – no matter how much more money comes in!

I have new registrations filling up this special program already! And I’m excited to give you the opportunity to grab a chance at a powerful process. This Special 21 DAY Debt Weight reduction PROGRAM, where I feature a step-by-step make over, connecting with your essence, handle mind chatter, shift your thoughts, learn to respect yourself program that will not only CHANGE the way you treat money, it could end up changing the size of your bank account and smooth relationships along the way!

If you’d like to join me, it’s only $21.00 for the 21 days.  You’ll receive the entire program through daily emails, tips, meditations and more. I’ll also include random videos, ideas, quick tips for stressed out days and will be here to support you every step of the way.

What you can expect from me is to receive an email every single day for 21 consecutive days that will inspire, give you a focus for the day, and a personal challenge that will begin to makeover the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you look at debt, prosperity, stress, relationships and best of all, when you chose one area of habit to erase, other aspects dissolve miraculously as well.

Find out how by registering here:

REGISTER NOW!  Give yourself the Best Gift Ever!    


With respect and great job today!

Patricia Ogilvie

NOTE: This is the exact same program that the pilot group went through. You won’t miss a thing!

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