Oprah Said it Too… Final Show… Vision sets Your Life Purpose!

Oh, yeah! what a speech!

Vision and energy is hitting the mainstream!

Millions of devoted viewers watched Oprah's final episode.  She said a few significant things!

I thought she had a central theme for her final stand.

She spoke that from her 25 years of wisdom and experience that


She said something else that hit big time!

She said that although she was grateful for the opportunities she was given along the way, it wasn't until she was 30 years old that she realized she missed a big mark! Up to then, she was just happy to earn an income.

At 30 she realized her mistake – she didn't have a vision!

Once Oprah set her vision: to use her stage as a teaching platform to bring awareness to all people, only then the show took off!

Vision, my friends, vision!

Here's more about what Oprah said on her finale!


"You are responsible for your life.  And what is your life?  What is all life? What is every flower, every rock, every tree, every human being?  Energy! 

And you are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself and you are responsible for the energy you bring to others.

ALL LIFE IS ENERGY, and we are transmitting it every moment. We are beaming it…little tiny signals, like radio frequencies, and the world is responding in kind."

Ask yourself, "What energy are you bringing to your life?"

"What signals are you sending?"

Does the energy you emit transmit your heart and soul compelling vision? Do you emit an overall theme that all your goals and actions steer towards?

If not, you are a flag flapping in the wind.

If not, you are the tail wagging the dog!

If not, you stop and start with every project, idea and mission.

What's your compelling vision?

Here's my vision:

My vision is to set an example as an awesome leader, like the dynamic "warrior princess" serving women to take the lead for themselves into more joyful and abundant life experiences! 

This compelling vision allows me to set goals and actions, forwards and backwards! 

What I mean is, if I decide on a goal, I remind myself, does it serve my vision? 

I also remind myself of my vision, and ask, what new goals will serve the vision?

This same process applies to taking actions.  Does the action serve my vision? Or what new action shall I take to serve the vision?

You see? My goals and actions are created moving forward and I can double check that they reflect my vision looking back. Then I know I am focused on the results I say I want!

Have a wonderful day and great job today!


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