“You can erase wrinkles?” you ask.


“Of course,” I respond. “You didn’t know that worry never solves anything”?


I asked myself the same questions for years when I was younger. I watched my parents age before my eyes because they worried about raising a family, offering us quality education and helping whenever they could. The worry seemed to be about money, where to get more and how to keep it.


So I did my research about money and I found out it was quite simple.


How to reduce worry wrinkles:


First you must decide that today is a good day to grow revenue in your business.


AND decide that today is a good day to save for your future. No reason to wait, is there?


Isn’t it weird that people, professional and lay, have to convince themselves that growing revenue is important?


Growing revenue is normally a coined phrase in business. It’s also relevant in your personal finances.


And when a business fails or the personal debt becomes overwhelming, everyone acts surprised. (Don’t you be the prig that accidentally runs out of money.)


Here’s the simple bottom line: Put 10% away today for the tomorrow you can’t foresee.


Why? Because you’ll sleep better, feel better, look great and be more amicable to be around.


The wrinkles will disappear.


Also, start the process of de-stressing – because if you are stressed, you can’t think your way out of a paper bag…. to start the process, spend 10 – 15 minutes a day with yourself, contemplating your next move.


Use the known psychological process of coloring a picture or mandala to re group your brain cells. Here’s a unique little book that will pull you through even during the holidays.


Please God, Don’t Let Me Become a Bag Lady. I want this now!


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