Could you make a commitment to act on something small or big that you know would take you into a deeper and more fulfilling experience?

A lot of people think that setting goals and taking action is enough to push forward. But those same people will also admit they postpone the actions. The neglect the goals. And then what happens? You guessed it, not much!

Well I can relate! For the last 10 years I’ve been building my writing and my coaching business and it’s been slow, slow. That is, until recently.

I found the missing piece.

Right now, I am over 8 months into a year long coaching program that teaches the principles of energy. We’ve learned that blocked energy, once released, promotes taking action. In other words, if taking action or setting goals is difficult for you, you have an underlying block or belief that gets in the way.

Find the block, become aware of it, and release it energetically, then you can move forward!

My mentor and trainer, David Morelli gave me the wisdom to begin shifting my results.

Here’s the missing piece that made all the difference from having very little income to now staggering multiple client long-term relationships!

David says, “The way something comes from unbounded possibilities into form is by having a boundary around it. Commitment can be that boundary.”


Now in case you’re shocked that Patricia Ogilvie has commitment issues just like you, please, rest assured. I am willing to bet that at times mine were WORSE than yours! But it’s how I learned to handle them that helped me take action quickly and efficiently.

So I wrote a book. I decided to share my story and offer the techniques I use to clear my head, clear my energetic field and make commitments to the decision I make for my business and my personal life. I will share the Amazon link very soon. The book is in it’s final proof stages.

Know this. My commitment starts with you.

I want to share that I created “Take Your Power Back” as the vehicle where anticipation, validation, and how to take your power back meet!

That’s what commitment does. It clarifies a compelling vision. Commitment solidifies goals. And commitment give you permission to take action.

When you own your capabilities, you start to see results! Whenever I coach a client or research content for their next newsletter, I go in with a commitment that in this bounded period of time I am going to help transform the life of the person (or their business) I am currently working with.

I am committed to giving them results that far exceed their expectations and they get value far beyond what they’ve put into it. (Paid for it.)

I am also committed to helping you by sharing my stories, my learnings and strategies to help you expand.

Some messages will be on energy and belief systems, some on business strategies and money-making tips, some on communicating with your associate, family and customers. I guarantee that all the messages will be your personal and professional opportunities to take action and create results in your life.

Taking your power back is a concept that everything is energy and that when some things don’t work out for you, energy is stuck.

What does that mean: energy is stuck?

When you don’t take action, a belief is stuck that prevents you from moving forward.

When you keep experiencing the same failures over and over, energy is stuck and needs action to move it out.

But even when you move beyond the stuckness, you must do this next step. Make a commitment to achieving the result you say you desire.

Commitment is the boundary that keeps your focus where it belongs and keeps you on a path without deviation.

David said something else that made the difference for me. He said, “Infinite possibility is only able to show as miraculous manifestation through the gateway of commitment to it. Even if results don’t match it temporarily, the commitment will hold that container for it to come into form.”

Becoming the Valued Person You’ve
Always Dreamt of, Starts Today!

As long as you are willing to make a commitment to take action and you are open to stepping out of your comfort zone, you will succeed. And when you do, I will be there cheering you on, congratulating you and showing you other ways to thrive.

There has never been a concept like this – dedicated to the discovery and release of energetic limitations – to help you take your personal power back from anyone who has ever said or done invalidating and disparaging actions against you.  If you’ve held on to old patterns and beliefs, you will be encouraged in every one of my newsletters to shift out the limiting energy.

I want you to know that I am passionate about supporting you, me and ours staying out of victim and empowering ourselves. I am dedicated to your success!

That’s why I’m offering a free reading. If you want, take me up on it. If not, that’s OK too!

To your success and great job today!


P.S. Here’s what else to remember:

“Effort is really a waste of energy. When you try less, everything is easier and it all smoothes out. (We are often rewarded, growing up, for trying hard. This may be a new paradigm for people.)”

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