Whether you coloured inside the lines or over and around as a child, you were probably having fun. Well, it’s not just for kids. Coloring as adults is one of the top and cheapest ways to de-stress.

If that surprises you, you are not alone. In fact, most adults still think it’s for kids. But for adults? De-stress?


This trend, coloring books for adults, has publishers launching books like crazy. It started in Europe and now here.

In the early 20th century, psychologist Carl Jung used mandalas which are circular designs with concentric shapes similar to the Gothic churches’ rose windows. His patients became more relaxed and were able to deal with issues quicker and easier.

Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois researched and suggests that repetitive motion such as coloring (or running, walking, dancing or even drawing) can help strengthen your focus and easily shift your attention back to a relaxed state.

They claim you should start your colouring session with a smile (that’s why I call my colouring book “Please God, Don’t Let Me Become a Bag Lady”)  because studies have proven that smiling even when you are not happy, can raise the level of endorphins (mood enhancing chemicals) in your brain.


Doesn’t that title make you smile?  If it does, you’re in for a treat when you look inside the book.

Here’s how it works.

Focus on one drawing whether it’s a mandala, a picture, an inspiration. The mandala at the top is a great example of what’s inside the book. Here’s another sample what you will find in my Bag Lady colouring book for women in financial stress. Heck just looking at the design is relaxing.

That’s why you need to colour to become less fearful of being a Bag Lady and relax so you can make better decisions, smile more, and feel secure and stable against whatever might happen financially.

Because really, debt or no debt, you want to give yourself and your family an opportunity to enjoy life.

And that’s why I published this colouring book for you.

It’s important to know that if you want to serve the world and be present for your families, you must learn to relieve stress. Learning to manage stress is the most important key to creating a joyful and fulfilling life.

Color your stress away and stop pretending you will become a Bag Lady.

Get more details here and order that little coloring book for yourself. Grab your crayons.  And smile!

By the way print this page and colour the mandala above while you wait for your book to arrive. And smile!

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