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Why do I love numbers and words so much?

Not everyone can say this (out loud), “I love mathematics and language arts equally!” So after teaching both for a few years, I went out on my own—hung up my shingle—as a bookkeeper, writer and editor all under one umbrella. It made sense since numbers need words to be explained.

The thing is, I’ve loved language arts since junior high school and spelling and punctuation were always friends of mine! And I love introducing them to others!

Not only do I know my debits and credits, I’ve been writing content for a dozen years and I also proofread (certified). What’s your guilty pleasure?

Years ago, I was a junior high school teacher, then an adult educator, an accountant, and for almost 15 years, the owner of my writing and editing business. It took a lot of inspiration and a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. And I’m proud of my journey!

Let’s Do the Math…
 People notice when you write mistakes.

People see when you don’t have a published book or e-book. People notice – and those people are your potential customers. Banks, businesses, and money lenders notice if your financial documents have typos or misaligned columns. Yes, they do.

Stepping out on my own was the best decision of my life. I’m a small business and I am here for you, the small business owner, author, creative! Yes, you are a creative and be proud of it!

I do content clean up so if you have been writingg your books and need a keen eye to confirm your professionalism—give me a call. I can save you time and money with my experience of over 30 years. We never have to meet in person as everything is done online. I am here for you and will cater a package designed for your project.

I give it my all (time, money, effort), and I am incredibly proud of the results I have managed to give my clients. I’m sharing some testimonials below.  After you peruse, hit the contact me tab above and let’s chat.

Here’s what my clients are saying…

Patricia, you are a very lovable person”

Almost kind to a fault. You are always willing to serve others and you showed that to me when I wrote my book, “The Liberated Woman—No Apologies”  which became an Amazon Best Seller in December 2017! You gave me very Intelligent and professional advice/support. I love you Great Woman Patricia Pysyk Ogilvie. God bless you Ma’am. – Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi a.k.a Lady V Global

“Top-Notch Marketing Expert

By the way, folks, Patricia is a VERY experienced and talented copywriter… as well as a top-notch marketing expert. It’s a real asset to have her as a member of the forum. Steve Slaunwhite, Moderator, B2B Forum, Marketing Expert & Award-winning Copywriter http://www.steveslaunwhite.com

What Else?

Here’s how to get your hands on a client’s attention-grabbing ad, sales page or (ah heck go for it!) an entire book or e-book along with 3 promotional social media posts for your current or next offering!

How, you ask?

Not only will I proof (or edit) your work, I will write it for you if you wish. That’s been my long-term profession, copywriter.

Would it be very awkward if I just come right out and say that I love you and what you do? A little…I guess. But I am hoping not awkward enough to make you stop from finishing these few paragraphs (but you should not, you must not stop…the future of the world depends on that…a little).

OK so here’s the thing, I am offering three free social media promotions (ads) with each item I write for you. Even if it’s a blog post, an article, a webpage or your bio, you still get three!

I think this offer is the best thing that ever happened to the human race in the past 153 years (a rough estimate) and all of these people agree:

Check out the testimonials below and then, contact me pronto!

I know how great these added bonus social media promos are and I know how you can change lives of so many people and THAT is why I want it to reach as many people as possible.

Bottom line is this: I would love to have you on board and help get the word out…and get your people to see you as the enabler of a massive life shift…sounds cool, right?

Here is the full scoop in all its magical glory:

  1. My social media offering is available immediately after I write copy for your product or service because you want that content to get out as soon as possible.
  2. As a GIANT note of thanks for asking my help to get the word to your people, I would like to offer this social media promo until the end of this “interesting” year. 
  3. I hope you take me up on this offer to write copy for you and I know that your tribe would drool all over this so you don’t even have to sell this, it will really hit home with your peeps.

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have about this.

Looking forward to creating some magic together.

“World’s Top Copywriter Recommends Patricia!”

I was forwarded your resume and writing samples from Clayton and Wendy Makepeace. The work that we have is to develop scripts for web films that are exciting, engaging and of course a telling a great story. I read your piece on Story Telling and the Economy. Great work!” J Bentley Radcliff, Executive Vice President, Weiss Research Inc.

And that’s the beginning of why my clients are happy with my work. Check these commentaries as well:

“I Make Sure I Follow Your Plan”

Way to go Patricia! I love the format, colour and boundless information. Thank you for your professional advice on a subject that many of us tend to neglect. Wendy Bodnar, www.thegrowthshop.com

“Feeling Braver About My Business Credibility”

Your information has helped me pin-point possibilities to use in my promotions. I have a clear notion that my customers want more from me. I feel braver in speaking about my credibility and my work. Patricia Simoneau, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“My Clients Thank Me!”

I now feel confident to start pre-selling my product! Corinne Szepesi, Thorsby, Alberta

“Great Info On How To Put Depth In Topics”

I realize that print material can be my best salesperson. I can put these ideas to use right away and easily go into more depth on any of the topics. Bernita Hayden, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

“Solid Advice About One Marketing Idea At A Time”

I appreciate the up-to-date information provided, in particular, how important it is to focus on one marketing idea at a time. The tips are invaluable. Thank you. Teresa Spinelli, Edmonton, Alberta

“Paint A Picture”

Great idea that advertising should “Paint A Picture.” I like your energy and enthusiasm. Gives me the incentive to revamp my brochure. Brenda Love, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Dr. Uses Copy Techniques To Give Customers What They Need”

After evaluating the needs and wants of my clients, I can now step away from my marketing and focus on what they need – and use the words and format that works best. Dr. Eunice Beckett-Kennedy, DNM, Carvel, Alberta

“Learned About Effective Alternatives”

Everything is of value. You filled my brain with new ideas instantly. Lots of great “easy” ideas using my personal profiles in my advertising/ using statistics. Dawn MacPherson, Edmonton, Alberta

“Great insight into key aspects of copywriting.”

Your relaxed and involving style gave me more insight into the key aspects of copywriting. I want to know more about the 5-point prospect success questions and how to answer my prospects concerns. Kathy Kosswan-Jarrell, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’m Excited To Sell”

You offered me some new ideas regarding marketing. I am excited to use them. Now I can change our marketing material to sell our customers on needing more information. Ciara Daykin, Calgary, Alberta

Want more?

“You are a pleasure. Let me congratulate you again on a fantastic presentation. You are so animated and eloquent that you made a great impression on me.” — V Varvis, Edmonton, Alberta

“My goodness Patricia, you are a genius! Wow, what a dynamic, exciting and compelling announcement. You are truly gifted. (And you made me sound great!) Thanks so much. — Lenore Lemay www.diversityworkscanada.com Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Patricia is a wellspring of wisdom in writing. She is also a captivating and content-rich speaker who shares ideas on which you can build your business. I have found her practical insights invaluable in my marketing and writing efforts.” – B Hooey, www.ideaman.net

“After meeting with the board, we all unquestionably were impressed with your presentation. I enjoyed your “visual” opening and your use of actual examples throughout (e.g. adding the ’s’). Your obvious experience in speaking in front of crowds allowed for both an informative and interesting presentation in which I’m sure everyone definitely “took home something” from it. And as a compliment to the content of your presentation, we at WebbCo, have implemented new marketing and in fact, business strategies that we know will pay us back 10-fold. I am positive your info and your assistance with WebbCo and our members will be a mutually rewarding relationship.” – Ryan Maxwell, President & CEO, WebbCo International Inc.

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