I love my home. I especially love my yard when the frost tickles the branches and the sunshine reflects off the icy tips.


I feel a tremendous sense of appreciation for the beauty and bounty I get to enjoy every day. I feel like I’m a part of nirvana in my own back yard. Ideal and idyllic.


To get here, my husband and I set goals, built a budget and saved money to eventually have what we have, with zero debt.


Frankly a lot of people I talk to scowl at the word budget. But then, they are still in debt even into their 60’s.


They scowl at the mention of saving.


They scowl they haven’t hit their stride or won the lottery! The word lottery is a hot topic!


Powerball, 2016’s largest to date was over 1.5 BILLION! Yes, that’s with the “B”.


How many people are excited at the prospect of winning and realizing their dreams? More than likely every single person who bought a ticket!


Historically, few people who have won such monstrous amounts are still wealthy. You may already know this, but according to the American Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, a third of Powerball winners have gone bankrupt within several years.


Several have been murdered, became murderers, and been robbed.


Bottom line? If you don’t know how to plan, budget, save before winning a lottery, you won’t maintain it after. Simple as that.


To dream is to dream. But to function and live as if you already are a winner, rich with appreciation of what you have, and take account of where your money comes and goes, winning means squat!


People exclaim, not me! I will be rich forever with all this money!


How could anyone blow through $500 million, right?


They have and again, the reason is even with a huge sum of money, you still have to set a budget.


“Realize it’s not a bottomless pit of money. Don’t spend wildly in the belief that it’ll last forever,” says Ric Edelman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edelman financial Services in an interview with TODAY News. “A financial adviser can tell you how much income you can receive monthly from your winnings — you need to live on that amount or less. Set a budget, but also allow yourself those dream purchases. It’s a balance.”


I’m not dissuading your from dreaming winning a lottery. On the contrary I hope you do.


I’m suggesting however, make smarter decisions to live a well balanced, thought out lifestyle just in case you don’t win.


I haven’t won a lottery yet, and I am living my dreams.


I wish this for you now.


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