If you and your marketing team have built a campaign you’re proud of, then all you need to do is ask yourself, “Is my campaign pushing my services toward my prospect or pulling my prospect in?”

Either way, if you love the integrity you show in the content you offer, you can’t go wrong, right?

Today I share this video about not so much how much fun we had ice fishing the other day, but how it exemplifies both push and pull. You must ask me what were we thinking being out on the open frozen lake in a windstorm!? Or if we caught any fish! Lol.

I digress. This little 15-second video shows exactly why hire me, and for good reason.

I’m trained in writing direct response copy and I offer the best samples and advice I have learned on this topic.

My name is Patricia Ogilvie, and as a Copywriter (aka Marketing Strategist) I take you from shouting into a deaf crowd (into the wind)  to connecting with your ideal paying customer. I connect you to your #1 “WHO” buyer.

Pleased to meet you.

I have a proposal that involves you and me where we can both win!

Let me take you on a journey (that doesn’t even require you get out of your pj’s, but out of the harsh wind just the same).

It’s September, 2021

Your company has:

  •  more clients
  • more income
  • which means less stress over bills
  • in fact, more time at home without hating it

Does that make you shiver in excited anticipation?

You feel lighter, more confident, like your business is ready to take over the world.

Does that make you want to drop everything and just skip to the day when it will all be real?

You will understand your customer’s pain and they will love you for helping them solve their greatest issues.

Does that make you a bit misty-eyed? A bit shaky with the sheer joy of the possibilities?

Because if it does, let’s make it happen.

Let’s make these an actual solid reality. Once you have seriously looked at your current marketing messages and re-read the stats of how well you’re doing, I can help you discover how much more you can finally sell your services and products with integrity that appeals to your customer.

With my “WHO” are you selling to process, THIS is how your life will look:

  • You wake up in the morning surrounded by people you love and respect
  • As you sip your coffee you excitedly get ready for another day of welcoming customers
  • And you start the day a new person, a better person . . . a person who says NO to excuses, problems, and hiccups.
  • A person who is winning at this game of life.
  • A person who refuses to back down even against the strongest resistant winds.

With me by your side, Patricia Ogilvie, Freelance Copywriter (aka Marketing Strategist), we can and WILL review your current content. Then I will offer some suggestions (initially at no cost) in as little as a few weeks even if you have written nothing that remotely entices your customer.

Go on now, click the link here.  https://proriskenterprises.com/project/about-me/  to learn more about my tactics, some testimonials, and my skills.

And start preparing for the new, better, swankier YOU that awaits at the other side of this link.

I opened only 5 spots to work with me; the choice is yours.

Have a blessed sunny day,


P.S. Stop getting pushed back by resistance or naysayers. Let’s get you tuned to precisely “WHO” needs and wants you! https://proriskenterprises.com/project/about-me/

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