Okay I admit it.  I am a personal and growth and self help addict.

In fact, I take my learning deeper. I am also an energy reader because I believe we are components of a greater force, an aspect of our own higher selves, and we have a soul, baby, a SOUL.


It’s all about energy, here and out there.

Even though I am not a religious person per se, I was raised a Christian and have an inkling I met some remarkable angels in my life experiences so far.

Yes, the human kind definitely. But I’m talking about the spiritual kind.

The time I was driving too fast around a corner on a mountain highway and as I gulped in panic that I was about to fall off the edge into a deathly abyss, I felt a force literally hold my curb wheels in a magical extension of the road so I could maneuver back onto the paved surface.

I breathed relief, slowed down, and felt an eternal gratitude for being saved.

I feel appreciation each time of think of that experience and it brings me to tears knowing my time was not yet.

Or the time I was driving home across the High Level Bridge at 3:00 am, tired. Oh so tired; I closed my eyes for a second and couldn’t open them. I felt a tap on my shoulder, a deep loving voice calling my name, loud, yet loving, solid enough I was startled to wake.

I knew then I was once more guided by an energy outside of myself.  Not my time – yet.

I chose from that moment on to stay focused, take better care of myself, make better decisions because, hell – I had stuff to do and I didn’t want to go out looking a fool.


Tracking What’s Working and Making Money

Now I keep track of what works, what doesn’t and since those experiences, I’ve applied a lot of my self help research into my business.

For example, one of the easiest ways to make your business more profitable is to track what’s working:

    •    What parts of your business, what projects and what products are making you money?  

    •    Which ones don’t?

    •    What type of customer is most profitable for you?

    •    Where is your most profitable traffic coming from?

    •    Taking time to dig into your stats and calculating ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the best things you can do for your bottom line.

The photo above is my pile of invoices, bank statements, and expenses I am currently entering into my accounting system.


I sure could use an angelic guide right now to finish this for me!

But seriously, my financial records are the blessing for me.  

Along the way throughout the year and particularly at the end, I know without a doubt what worked and what didn’t.

I know how much I made and how much I spent.

I know what to do again and what to stop dead in it’s tracks.


Your Products

Financial statements are the final look at what you’ve decided all year.

Start by looking at your products. This could be info products, physical products, any coaching you do, anything you resell or even advertising you sell on your site.

It is listed in financial entries, but you can do this without having to keep track in accounting.

List it all out.

Next to each item on your list, note down how much money each product has brought in. You can break it down by month, or look at long term figures like year-to-date profits or revenue generated over the past 12 months. Use whatever number seems most helpful.

This is why you need to keep financial records.  You won’t know how else to track your income and spending.

Next, really think about how much work each of these products or profit streams take.

Selling advertising space on your site or a simple little kindle book may not make as much money per month as that big info product you created or the one-on-one coaching you offer, but they also don’t take hardly any time to create and maintain. Assign a value to each item on your list.

Once you have all your data, it’s just a matter of creating more products of the type that’s most profitable for the time you invest in them.


Your Customers and Prospects

Taking a look at your customers and prospects is also a good idea.

I have my clients set up as Accounts Receivables.  That means, when I send out an invoice for my fees, I make sure I enter them and wait for the money to come back.

I know who is on time.

I know who isn’t and what action to take next time.

Thinking about that list, refreshes my memory whether I want to keep them, add more of the same, or delete!


You know, who’s your perfect customer!


Ask yourself:

    •    Where did they come from?

    •    Who is your core customer base?

    •    These are the people that buy everything you put out and are signing your praises to their circle of influence. They may also be repeat customers that come back to you over and over again.

    •    What prospects are most likely to turn into paying customers?

    •    Are they people that were attracted by the freebie you offer to get them on your list, or are they people that found you via the great blog posts you write?

Do You Resonate Energetically??


You can find a lot of this information by looking at your customer database and by comparing subscriber lists to customer lists.

You can also learn a lot by talking to your customers and subscribers. Start a conversation via email, on your site or in a Facebook group.

Your end goal is to pinpoint who your most profitable demographic is and then figure out how to put yourself in front of more of those people. Which brings me to my last point…


Your Traffic

It’s time to dig into those website stats.

    •    Where is your most profitable traffic coming from?

    •    How do they find your site, what do they look at once they get there and what funnel do they go through until they become part of your most profitable customer group?

Tools like Google Analytics are your best friend here.

Spend a weekend learning more about the different reporting you can set up, what you can track and how to read the numbers.

Once you know where your most profitable traffic is coming from – be it Search Results, Pinterest, your Affiliates or Facebook Ads – put on your thinking cap and figure out how you can tap into more of that traffic or something similar.

Keep tracking, tweaking and improving your bottom line. Make it a goal to get more profitable this month than you were last month and you’ll see your business and bank account grow in no time.


Your Inner Energetic Self


And know in your heart, you are blessed, watched and guided.  Pay attention to how you feel because that’s the connection to your higher self.

In fact, if you are feeling shitty, you are disconnected from your guidance source.

If you are feeling great, good, or okay enough, you are connected and on the right track.

Even though I find posting my financial details a bit of a burden, I am elated by the end of a few hours posting and really seeing my results.

Now, for you to get a grasp of how magical the universe is, for the rest of the day, look for more things that you like.

It is nice to know that if you see one who is prosperous, but sick, you do not need to bring the whole package into your energy and thoughts. Just bring in the part that you like. Bring in the prosperity, and leave out the sickness.  Continue to find things today that please you. Build up that reservoir of feel good feelings and keep track.

More will come your way because you are looking for them.

Be sure to tap into your soul purpose each time. You can find a simple, yet powerful workbook how to “Find Your Purpose” here.

Have a beautiful day and chat soon


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