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Write What’s HOT Not What’s Not

The Right Way!

Congratulations getting here!

Yes, I’m happy you’re reading this not just because you’re a thief in the night (or full daytime) stealing my secrets, but because you want your non-fiction book, e-book or any content to grab your reader’s eyeballs!

Whether you have not started or are already researching and composing your manuscript, this e-course will help you measure—or get you out of the mental bog of rolling, muddled thoughts and ideas—your effort.

Master easy and effective techniques for a successful project—taught in this non-fiction writing course. (Hey! Fiction writers benefit too!)

Today, you get to steal all my secrets!


In this five-lesson e-course, you will learn:

  • how to engage readers with your introductions and compelling conclusions. This will make your book exciting and vivid—more meaningful.
  • discover a list of connectors that get people to keep reading—to the end.
  • how to write with style—distinguished and distinguishing.
  • hold onto your researched materials that help bring depth to your book.
  • answer the right questions: answers from research on your topic are more reliable than memory. Your memory may be good, but often false, faulty and flattering!
  • where to start to begin—hint: it’s not where your book starts, it’s where your heart guides you.
  • what is your best talent and how do you tap into it from the beginning? You can get this book published in the next month—max: six months! Let’s get going!
  • how to banish confusion forever. It’s not that difficult—really!
  • how to write to increase appreciation and hold a reader’s attention.

The secret formula lies within this online course. 

Let’s get to work!  Look in and hook up with the best version of how to write HOT content that will attract your reader. They’ll appreciate and want more of you and your work.

Write, Review, Edit

This course is designed for you! The non-fiction writer who wants to intrigue and connect with her audience. Yes, you, dear one!

It’s a simple, effective online e-course process that guides you to present your research and books in interesting ways.

It’s complete with mini-lessons, short videos, excerpts from well-know best sellers, and ideas that will help you integrate your thoughts in an organized manner that intrigues your reader.

Start here and discover how you can become skilled and enthusiastic writer. Ready to Write what’s HOT? Find out now.

Yes, HOT! 

How do you get your reader to understand all your points? Did you know that reading comprehension is not only challenging for kids for lots of reasons, but for adults as well? So how do you get your readers to think your book is HOT rather than NOT?

Losing track and lack of focus are two common reasons content doesn’t read well—again, it’s you, the writer I am picking on—it’s your content dump that your reader can’t or won’t understand or retain.

But the majority of the reasons they won’t like your book is because of the flow and lack of plan what you write. In the end, it’s just not HOT enough for them.

For sure, you will get a professional editor and proofreader to go over your basics in the end:


I’m here for you when the time comes, but that’s not what this course is about. 

The plan for your book is to have these basic questions answered. Could your reader quickly find Who? When? What? How? Where? And Why?  

  • Do you include story clues to understand the meaning of your choice of words (vocabulary) describing your ideas? 
  • Do you use pictures, captions, headings, introductory statements, final statements, and questions to generate thinking? 
  • Could your reader locate the main ideas and supporting details efficiently? 
  • Do you use cause and effect? 
  • Could your reader draw conclusions about your topic? 
  • Is your content in a sequence of events that make sense to the reader? 

Does it flow logically, with spirit, tone, and your unique voice? 

What can your book do for your reader? 

Does it hold their attention? 

Writing could be enough to put what you want into words for yourself. However, if you’re going to sell your book or program, you must, and I repeat, must write it so comprehensible, even a sixth-grader could understand it (unless it’s not suitable for children). 

Having said that, it should be suitable for your perceived reader (avatar) who will buy it, and more importantly, read and retain it. You want your reader to share what they read. You want them to blast out how exciting and relevant your content was for them. You want them to shout it out to the world to buy your book! 

The bottom line, it’s essential to know the following to understand your content: Who is the book about? What happened in the over context? Where did it happen? And When did it happen? There is little difference between a novel fiction story and nonfiction that wants to intrigue and be enjoyable to your reader. Dry is dry but inspiring a desire to keep reading is a skill you can apply to your writing. 

Are you ready? 

You’re going to write in your own style. You’re going to dump ideas on the page, and if you don’t look them over with an open mind, they’ll look a jumble of words (scrawl). And if you fail to answer some key questions that your readers ask, consciously and unconsciously, your work will fail to entice, enlighten, and engage. You want to inspire your audience to desire your book, and this is how to do it.

Register here and feel confident when reading some of the resources (professional opinions inserted) because I quote tons of them about how to write HOT!


Module #1

How to Stand Apart from Everyone Else

Module #2

Writing with Expression—Nouns and Verbs

Module #3

You’re gonna love this one! What NOT to Do.

Modules #4 and #5

I’m so excited to share this program with you – What to Do to Be HOT!

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