Dan Rather, journalist, recently posted his rant on Facebook about Hilary Clinton’s new book.  if you haven’t seen the rant, take a peek here.

What he said is what I say in my new book,  How To Keep the Ground from Shaking in it’s glorious entirety about demanding to know more than less about anything in life!

You see, knowing why you over drink, over eat, why you vote the way you do in politics, or why you say and do the things you say and do with friends, family and strangers, requires looking deeper into your own conscious and particularly unconscious assumptions and beliefs.

I love how Dan challenges you to entertain more provocative ideas and get your brain working better!  Because… that’s exactly how to nip addiction in the bud! New ideas!

My book is available now as a Kindle, and the soft cover is coming very very soon!

Stay tuned if you’d rather (not Dan) have a book in your hands instead of a digitized Kindle copy.

Blessings and chat soon,



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