Even though I locked them behind 2 doors, they still busted through, ran scared like rabbits, and one even faster, like a deer caught in the headlights!


My 3-hour learning curve on Goggle Hangouts Webinar process, 2-day content rehearsal, and research that gave me a headache for the slickest method of communication during the call went “live” this week.


Oh, did I mention I live in the country and have a satellite Internet connection that is at the whim of the gods? The weather gods are the most passionate while playing their little game of connect – disconnect – connect – disconnect… then they laugh out loud as if this were the best play time on earth.


Well suffice it to say, it was a disaster.


What should have been an exciting, content rich 45 minutes of how to discover what makes you tick energetically, not once, not twice, but 3 friggin times, I was without connection leaving my listeners sitting in void-land for upwards of 3 minutes each time.


3 minutes online, no connection is an eternity.


By the time I recovered and reloaded the webinar, I was frazzled; they were gone.


What’s my lesson here?


I swear I will not do a “live” webinar unless I have high speed. This country on again, off again system is for the birds.


And the birds do make their nests on the satellite-receiving tower across the lake. I think it’s an eagle’s nest by the size of it.


Oh how beautiful – NOT!


Yes, that’s the cynical part of me that comes out because I’m not a bird watcher. I’m a woman who works!


Sheesh… anyway, my other takeaway is I can create some valuable 10 to 15 minute YouTube videos and create them as products as well as complementary gifts for you.


If you were on that webinar, I send my humble apologizes. I also decided I couldn’t salvage enough between the breakups and my frustration to make a replay tape for you. It was just too ugly!


Instead, why not go to the workbook itself, “How to Find your Purpose” and dig in for yourself.


As always, have a great day and soon you soon,




P.S. I feel so bad… s I’m giving you the gift I was supposed to give as a summation of the process, “What Makes You Tick” on the webinar. It’s an infographic you can print and remind yourself every day how wonderful you are and why people come to you.

Grab it in the link below and here’s to your tick discover! May you grow bolder and better than before. Enjoy.

Find What makes you Tick Infographic

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