So many people have asked why I keep going out onto the golf course, week after week in the ladies league in my little hometown.

 It is great question, and there is always a story behind the experience.

Take my latest Tuesday morning for example.

The fairway glistened in the morning sun; light dew droplets sparkled like diamonds across the freshly mowed first cut. I felt blessed and privileged for just being out there.

One of the members of my foursome decided to wear sandal style shoes and she shrieked with each step.

“It’s cold!” she would gasp and high step as the moisture tickled her toes.

“Well, you best stay on the short cut then. The fescue looks like a lake,” giggled a teammate.

The friendships built on that course remain long term. This is one reason why I love golf.

Yes, certainly, golf is a solo, lonely sport the best of times because you play for yourself, by yourself, with yourself. But heck, having a couple mates laugh and play with you brings joy to a sometimes frustrating game.

Sometimes, you don’t know which club to use. Sometimes, you don’t know how far the flag looks. Sometimes you have teammates who have technical devices or just good advice to smooth out the game. That’s another good reason – help to improve my game.

And most times, it’s a peaceful, tree lined walk in nature on groomed fairways that surprise every so often with a deer romping across or squirrels chattering incessantly as you tee up for the hopefully best game of your golf career. Yes, wishful thinking is another reason I admire the challenge of a game of golf.

But the best reason for me is because the first time I picked up a club and swung at a ball, it flew high, long and straight. It sure did. I had a witness just in case you don’t believe me.

But seriously, I have been testing myself now for decades to capture that first moment over and over.

The euphoria is undeniably addictive. I was hooked.

You will either love it or hate it; and I love it.

I have also been testing myself on the par 3’s to grab golf’s supreme triumph, scoring a “hole in one.” You may think me foolish, but a goal like this keeps me fresh and excited that maybe one day…. one day… that’s why I love golf.

If you haven’t tried the sport yourself, go to your local driving range or hire a golf pro for at least one lesson to get a feel for it. It will be one of those, love hate relationships. You can decide right there and then. Just don’t forget, enjoy the moment.


P.S. Be warned. Golf is one of a very few sports where you can get lost in the beauty for a moment of bliss before you either wear a grin ear to ear or heartily wrap your club around a tree.



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