The Game 90/10 RULE

“Whew…” I hear you saying. “How’s that even possible to be at the top of any game any time??

What’s this post really about anyway!?”

Games in general all have rules. So does the game of life! Here’s a rule you may or may not be award of. Either way, it’s worth taking a deeper look into.

You may not believe me when I say that the stories you tell yourself every single day have lead up to this moment!

And those stories are either made up by yourself or someone else told you things about you.

Here’s the good news.

More than 90% of the beliefs you operate out of and live by are someone else’s.

Less than 10% are your own.  

Here’s what I mean. A friend of mine who has been a follower of personal growth techniques for almost twenty years shared this to me the other day.

She said she discovered a bunch of negative beliefs she had about completing a project that had a due date looming. So we went through some of those beliefs.

    “What if…”
    “I hope I don’t…”
    “I should have said…”
    “The client won’t like me if…”
    “I always have a problem with…”
    “I probably won’t be able to finish anyway…”
    “I can’t believe how stupid I was to try this…”

    She then said, “I’ve been working on these beliefs for over 20 years.  But something is still there.  It’s like the beliefs are sticky fly paper strips that won’t move!

So why don’t those beliefs move out? The reason for the difficulty and longevity was because those were not hers in the first place!

You can’t budge, shift or change what’s not yours.

You can only let them go and send them back to their original owners… parents, siblings, friends, bosses, whoever told you something about yourself that has plagued you most of your life!  

Action Step

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet place. Sit upright with hands in your lap and feet on the floor.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale, imagine your whole body relaxing.  And again, take a deep breath and relax.

Keep your eyes closed and imagine that you know where the tension or blocked energy sits in your body. Notice that  it’s stuck there.  Breathe deeply again and imagine you are expanding your body to allow it to have more space.

Pretend you are expanding space in your imagination until your body is as big as the room you sit in. Give that energy block as much space as it wants.

Good job!  Now imagine that there is an energetic grounding cord connected from your tail bone down, down into the centre of the earth. You could visualize a tree trunk running from your spine deep into the earth.

Imagine the energy block is now loose and ready to fall down the tree trunk away from you.  Down, down, down and away.

Allow any thoughts or feelings that say, “This is stupid.” Or “I don’t believe it.” Or “Ya, but, I can’t just let her opinion slide away so easily!”  

Allow those thoughts to flow down and away in the same way you gave that energetic block more space.

Let those thoughts slide down the grounding cord or tree trunk. Gravity will draw them away from you.

If more blocks show up from other people in your life, allow those to slide down. Keep doing this until you feel complete.

Great job today!

Oh one more thing…. Some things of high-value aren’t always easy to reach. Good health, quality relationships, a profitable and enjoyable business – all take time & effort to create and maintain. But before you dig into more debt to hire a coach, or buy the next best promise, take stock of why you want these things that you think may make your life better. Are they what you want or what you heard someone else has been telling you?

Confidence Coach

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