I know, I know… you want to strike gold today!  Even tomorrow will do. However, let’s be reasonable… wait, let’s be unreasonable! You could win the lottery, and I’ve hoped for this for decades.  I think I’m close, you?

Or, you could decide to follow a short- medium- and long-term plan of action to get there in a few years, a decade, even two. Doesn’t matter how long, time wanes and slows for no one.

Honestly, I am still surprised at how old I’ve become – age is a measure of the past slipping away. So don’t let it surprise you any longer. Let’s get to some basics.

Someone once told me that you can’t make a flower bloom; it will bloom when it’s darn well ready to bloom. And just as the flower needs nourishment and support to get to that stage of growth, so do you need nurturing, education and support to move through life.

 It’s important to surround yourself with a mentor, an excellent example of living a good life because without knowing what you’re doing, without learning how to build your financial and personal lifestyles to suit your very soul, you live a life of drudgery and frustration.

These top four tips will demonstrate just how you could bloom in twenty years, (or sooner) and will show you how to make your life more prosperous and fulfilling. Frankly, I can show you how I did it, growing from zero to over a million in savings, investments, currently with zero debt, but I can’t help you take responsibility for your own choices. That’s up to you.
What I did twenty years ago to become wealthy with zero debt today, I wish I started even earlier. The trick is to begin today, now.
1. Make a plan—It’s not rocket science. A simple list of items you want to accomplish will suffice. Decide you will take your money management as something that is as important to your well-being and part of your life with as much attention and passion as eating and sleeping and sex.
2. Save money—Successful, wealthy people choose not to spend every available dollar on things, but to save and invest it for their future. A choice is the key to success, like picking long-term financial security over short-term consumption.
3. Buy a home—If you save up the down payment, and take out a “reasonable” mortgage that you can afford, even if the economy tanks, do it. You will have this paid off in twenty years, and the feeling of home ownership is euphoric!
4. Monitor your money attitude—If ever there was a key to financial success, it’s the attitude. Statistics show that ninety-five percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by five percent of the population. I read somewhere that if all the wealth in the world were collected and redistributed so that every individual on the planet had an equal portion, it would be back in the hands of its current owners within five years. Why? It’s the attitude about money that makes the difference. Think about it. Do a little research on people winning a lottery. How long do they stay rich? Temporary at best. Divorce, suicide and even murder have occurred because of money in the hands of people who never had it before and don’t know what to do with it. This proves that people, who are not mentally and emotionally prepared to manage money, lose it very quickly.
Look. I’m all for winning a lottery. But note too, if you are so fortunate to do so, at least take the time and attention to the point 4 above, Monitor your money attitude or even winnings and inheritances will disappear before you can utter the words, “Abracadabra!”
Stay well, and check out my best selling short enough read about how you can be the Boss of Your own Money and build and hold on to your financial destiny.
Let’s me know what’s troubling you about money – I know I’ve been there and can help. Check out the book for sure.

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