5 Reasons To Have A Birthday Club:

Having a birthday club at your restaurant is by far one of the most beneficial revenue boosters you could ever create for your business.

The most obvious reason to have a birthday club is that birthdays are popular & people love to celebrate their birthday. Birthdays are the most popular occasion to dine out. It’s also one of the most common overlooked marketing systems many owners fail to incorporate at their restaurant.

In this short read, I will convey the importance of ‘why you need a birthday club at your restaurant, in addition to the revenue-boosting benefits of creating one.  (this secret sauce concept works for spas, car lots, car washes, even real estate!

It is proven that the most powerful ways to connect with more customers are to market to them on their birthdays. Simple concept, right?

Too few of you are taking advantage of this secret strategy to drive floods of new customers into your restaurant, (or salon, or real estate office).

Here are the top 5 reasons why your business should have a birthday club.

  1. HIGHEST TRANSACTION CUSTOMER: according to the National Restaurant Association, an average birthday patron spends $78 per table. That means, when you expend an invitation to a birthday customer, they bring spouses, family and more people to the table.
  2. GOODWILL: patrons that dine with you on their birthday bring goodwill & upbeat energy to your restaurant. It keeps your establishment happier!
  3. GROUPS: birthday guest seldom dines alone on their birthday, and often they bring groups of friends and family to celebrate with them. The average birthday table is 3-4 people.
  4. LOW HANGING FRUIT: more than 55% of all North Americans eat out on their birthday. Why not capitalize on what would be lost revenue?
  5. REVENUE MULTIPLIER: The power of just one more visit can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think how having multiple customers dine with you on a daily basis choosing to celebrate at your restaurant instead of your competitor.

If you would like to learn more on how your restaurant can have a custom birthday club, then click the Contact Me link here or above, send me your questions and ask me, “What the heck is this all about?”

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