Join Me Tonight on a Special Program, Millennials and Money Cafe with Tapping Expert Marilyn O’Malley

Tonight on Millennials and Money Cafe I am a guest speaker with Marilyn O’Malley, host.


We’re going to rock your thinking about debt, money and prosperity!

We will be talking about how you can Stop Battling Debt and Be Your Own Hero.

Part of tonight’s conversation will be on what is the most effective steps to go from debt to wealth. You’ll hear the top three steps to take.

We’ll also share some definitions of debt and wealth:

Debt related to money:

An important definition that you may not be familiar with is debt can be an energetic manifestation of subconscious old memories of shame and the feeling that you’re not good enough to be financially solvent and secure.

Wealth related to money:

Is money amassed in a way that makes you feel safe, secure, supported and free?Is it only a result of having income and smart money management activities?

3 Steps to Effectively Go From Debt to Wealth

First: Clear, with tapping, all the negative emotions about debt with the clarity that these are more than just your reactions to your debt. Because the truth is these negative emotions are your life long programmed way of feeling about money and those feelings totally DRIVE your habitual ways of managing money (or totally not dealing with money).

Second: Make a commitment to CHOOSE new ways of feeling and acting around money that match your GOALS for actual wealth. Simply put, to go from debt to wealth YOU MUST CHANGE how you actually interact with real money.

Third: You must increase your income and that means you must take a big step up in owning your personal power and create a bigger “gift exchange (what you uniquely have to offer the world)”

Please join us tonight to learn about each of these steps more deeply. 

You will be guided through a process to identify your specific feelings are around your debt as well as a clearing session.

I will be sharing practical ways to manage your income for smart money management to pay down your debt.

Call in information below! 

Stop Battling Debt and Be Your Own Hero!

Tonight, Wednesday, April 8, 2015 ​9:00pm EST, 7:00 MT, 6:00 PST

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On THIS call we will

~ cover what is keeping in debt and how to free yourself from battle

Please join me and remember, great job today,


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