“Here we go again”, he mumbled to himself. “Fashionably late as usual.”


I grit my teeth, zip my lips and sit still as my husband maneuvers the car out of the garage.


I’ve tried and tried to get him out the door sooner.


Personally I think it bothers me a whole lot more, but when I’m with him, I am late too. And I hate that!


Sometimes it doesn’t really matter, however there are times when being late suits no one. Those times are when you have an interview for a job, or the doctor’s appointment, or dinner reservation. Frankly, and I’ve seen it happen, you’re late and they give the time slot away.


Then you’re hooped.


I did some research and was quite surprised that I found a solution to the time issue.


You see, the one thing I hear most often is that people don’t have enough time.


The point here is this: whatever you believe about time, one thing to remember is that you created your own version of time.


Because you have the power to remind yourself over and over that you don’t have enough time, you create the experience.


See what I mean?


That being said, you now have the power to reverse time.


Work, school and home.


They all demand a minimum of time each. And the more responsibility you place on yourself, the less time appears to support you giving it to all those areas.


Don’t despair, there is help.


Of course there are the all the regular suggestions like:

  • learning to prioritize
  • manage activities
  • use time log tools where you set up activity plans,
  • and the popular daily planners to help you keep on time and on track.


Today you can write appointments and have your cell phones and electronic devices beep and click to remind you of your next sessions and so on.


But you have to develop the habit of putting the information into the device or write it into the planner.


Then you have to remember to carry those things with you all the time. What’s more, you have to remember to leave time for yourself for emergencies and the unexpected!


Are you organized or willing to be organized enough to plan your life on your cell phone and/or planner?


I didn’t think so.


That task is a difficult one at best.


Few people enjoy the planning and noting of activities. Most fly by the seat of their pants.


So what to do? What I’m about to share is unusual, surprisingly effective and weird all at the same time!


As you can imagine when I say you can control time, please keep an open mind.


Live in Einstein Time.


You were wondering why I had a picture of Einstein?


And what does Einstein and time have in common?


He actually discovered a theory about time and it works!


When you shift into what people call Einstein Time, you develop a harmonious relationship with time.


Albert himself says, “You are where time comes from.”


Let me explain further.


Old paradigm: The common and Newtonian view says there’s only a finite amount of time, and it must be portioned out so there will be enough of it to do the things we need to do in a day, a week or even a lifetime.


This (Scarcity) leads to uncomfortable feelings of time urgency. You’ll either have too little or too much time. The illusion is that time is out there. Most people believe this.


New paradigm: Einstein Time, proven by Albert himself, states that time is in you and you decide how long or short of time you need to complete a task.


For example when an hour with your beloved feels like a minute and a minute on a hot stove feels like an hour, you expanded or contracted time within you to experience these results.


And you didn’t even know it.


Awareness: Contracting time and adding the feeling of anxiety produces a sense of time slowing down.


So instead, flow from the inside out, think from the inside out, and take full ownership of time.


In other words, quit thinking time is out there. It’s not. You make the time. it works for you. Now it’s up to you to take ownership and when you do, time will stop owning you.


I know, I know, more explanation please.


If you don’t have enough time, ask yourself these questions:

  • “Where in my life am I not taking full ownership?
  • Or what am I trying to disown?
  • Or in what aspect of my life do I need to take full or more responsibility?


Stress and conflict are caused by resisting acceptance and ownership of time.


How to begin: There is only one way. Stop complaining about time.


Here are common lies we say to ourselves:

  • I wish I had time to stop and chat, but I’m in a hurry.
  • Where did the time go?
  • There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • Love to talk, but I’ve gotta run.
  • I have to get to the bank.
  • I don’t have time to do that right now.


Now come on, would you stop whatever you are doing to help a hurt child?


Of course you would. So really you decide on whether you have the time for the circumstances yourself. You decide if you have time or not. It’s a delusion.


And because everything is energy, notice where “not enough time” feels like pressure within your body.


When you notice the pressure, let it go.


I tested this theory myself recently.


One morning I deliberately left late. I worried about being late and true to my intentions, I was.


The next morning I left at the same time. But this time, I cranked a couple nice tunes on the radio, enjoyed the rising sun rays caressing my face, worked my mind chatter extra hard to focus on appreciating what I saw, who passed me, who I passed and never once thought about the time or being late.


I’m telling you, it was one of the most difficult mind games I ever played with myself.


When I arrived at my destination, only then I then looked at the time and ….. I was on schedule.


True story!


You have to try it for yourself. It’s a mind game like no other.


Controlling your thoughts is challenging. Controlling what you want (and don’t want) is challenging.


There’s more about the mindset I teach inside my latest workbook, How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!

Download your copy here. http://proriskenterprises.com/what-is-your-purpose/

Have a glorious day and chat soon,



Great job today!




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