Attention Restaurant Owners and Managers!

One of most powerful ways to connect with customers is to market to them on their birthdays. Are you taking advantage of this secret strategy to drive floods of new customers into your restaurant?

Hello, my name is Patricia Ogilvie, and I’m a business owner who works with local restaurants to help get more customers.  I’m looking to partner with 1 (possibly two if you are far enough away from one another) restaurants in town with a good reputation to refer you business.

Currently, we’re able to reach 3,000 new people every week who are celebrating birthdays who live in Edmonton. I am writing this post to give you some valuable insights into why advertising with me on social media is your secret weapon. I am your secret sauce! More so, I wish to inquire if you would be open to talking if we were able to refer these birthday customers to your restaurant on a daily basis?

Restaurants Secret Weapon: Advertising With My Proven System

Facebook advertising. Yes, there is a specialized system that will work, and deviating could cost you time and money for nothing.

You may be familiar with the process, or you may think it’s a bunch of balony—but let me share that when you see the possibility of the demographics and options to streamline your potential customer, suited just for your business, plus for as little and under $10 a day, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Let me ask you this first. Do you advertise in magazines and newspapers? Do you mail out direct response flyers and brochures? Of course, you do.

I know from experience, the costs are upwards of $1,000 for 30 days or less. And the cost of printing direct mailers, well, the postage alone is outrageous.

Be honest with yourself. What is advertising your business costing you if you are not using social media?

What if you can reach 1,000’s of new customers every day who are willing to spend at least $78 a day or more per visit; wouldn’t you be excited?

If you’re familiar with Facebook Ad Manager, you know you can access the “Audience Insights” and see the business pages on Facebook and all of their data available for review. This information is beneficial when targeting and writing copy for your ads and content. I have a ready-made plan for you.

Three Secret Weapons Why You Should Advertise Online

  1. Few people, more extensive reach – When you market your ads and content to a micro-niche such as local people who have birthdays in an upcoming week, you have less competition. Let’s put it this way; you have no competition.
  2. It costs less to advertise – Targeting your ads on the Facebook Ad Manager to birthdays means your money will go farther. When you do $10 per day (or even less) in advertisements as I offer to my clients, you’re pulling up thousands of people in your physical geographic, and they love it. This also means it will cost less to advertise, there are fewer competitors, and your results will go farther.
  3. Higher brand loyalty – Looking for people in your locale, who have birthdays in the current week, they automatically feel a sense of familiarly and brand loyalty. What I mean is- the audience is typically more connected on a very personal level, and now you can win that same kind of brand loyalty for your You’re building relationships – personal and local.

When you target locally with people who are filled with a high level of relationship going on, the sales process is much easier. Getting a second glass (second purchase) is more likely to happen. Plus, they don’t come alone, they bring a partner, spouse, friends and that means more money for you.

For more on what I’m offering and how to target these audiences for your restaurant join me in a 15 minutes consult over the phone in a few days.

Write me at and let’s set a time. If you’re someone who needs more information, of course, I welcome you to visit my website, But seriously, let’s chat.


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