I’m going to be totally frank with you (and with me too) in this email.


Do you remember the story I shared about my friend who attended a workshop and was blown away with the caliber of attendee?

There are about 100 women there.

She estimates about 20 held companies worth $1 to $10M.

One woman owns a $1B company.

Part of the day’s exercise is to sit at a round table and work with a woman who owns a $10M or more company.

They share some of their biggest financial mistakes.

There’s a lot of emphasis on knowing your cash flow. As Sharon Lechter, CPA and author of Save Wisely, Spend Happily says, “The sexiest words in the English language are assets, royalties, and cash flow”.

What my friend noticed most about this dynamic group was that the only real difference between those who have large businesses and a high net worth and those who do not is commitment.

And that’s it.


Not expertise, not money at the beginning, not experience. A simple 10 letter word: COMMITMENT


Ingrid Vanderveldt, an American businesswoman, media personality, and investor who previously served as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Dell and is currently the CEO and founder of the Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 movement points out, “Few people will arrange their life to be totally all in but those who do inevitably make huge strides and “money comes to them.”


Are you a committed person to your own dream?

The key takeaway from this article is to decide if it’s useful and instructive for you to work with and spend time with women who exude this type of commitment and energy.

Is it?


Now here’s where my frankness comes in.


As I am working on a new project and I brainstorm through some points and process, the thought instantly pops up (I catch it finally).

“I think that it’s not good enough for the level of client I want and they will not be interested.”

Whoa baby! I realize I am thrusting out debilitating energy right from the start.

This is a non-denominational belief. Lol. It destroys my faith in my work equally as in the work I do for others. It proves to me I still don’t believe I belong in a powerhouse of women.

Frig. Frog. Frig!!

My friend’s experience came to mind. Is it a lack of commitment?

I’m not finished with this gem.

I ponder and new question comes up for me.

“I wonder what would unfold if you spent some time asking ‘what would be compelling for the level of client that you want?’

Limiting beliefs often have a kernel of truth, or perceived truth, in them.

If I try to thrust them out, they still stick around.

But if I open to them, dig in, welcome their doubts, and explore what they’re offering, I can come to a deeper relationship with what I’ve ben wanting to create.

And the question helps shift the focus from what doesn’t work, to going deeper with what does.

I wonder if there’s more in me that’s wanting to come out on behalf of my clients, and my own expression as I share myself with the world.

There it is… am I good enough in my own mind to mingle with the level of leadership I wish to achieve?

Maybe not a billionaire, but certainly in the millions.

Just pondering.

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