Ahhh the new year. And ahhh, the infamous first month which is more than half done! Where did the time fly? More importantly, why has nothing changed?

I hear this a lot from business owners, mothers, teachers and writers. They wonder where the time has gone and so little has changed for them.

Whether you experience a lack of discipline to follow through on your goals and actions, or not, whether you feel stuck in last year’s habits, or not, the issue remains the same – FOCUS.

You may have watched the great little animated movie, Up that features a lonely old man, a lonely young boy scout and a lonely dog who wants a master so much. The dog is the proof many humans struggle with, especially when making plans for change and growth. It’s called “Squirrel” syndrome. Any sound, movement, known and unknown distraction causes the dog to stop in his tracks, point in the direction and call out in excitement, “Squirrel”. All it means is, FOCUS GONE.

And if you have “Squirrel” syndrome, that’s okay because it’s a common issue with just about everybody! So don’t feel as if you’re alone and time is passing you by.

That’s why you need to do what you can, in a structured environment, and the first aspect is to make a commitment to complete something – anything! Does the world commitment feel strange? How about shortening it to COMMIT. There, that’s better, yes?

You see, when you say you will do something, and you don’t, you actually destroy trust in yourself. How do you build trust? Complete what you say you will do.

I call this the most important aspect in building self-trust and moving forward. It’s The Tao of Staying on Track – Keep your agreements with yourself.

Because really, whether you do things or don’t, no one else will give a darn. They don’t care. Why should they? But what if someone does care? If you show you can complete and keep agreements with yourself, you will indubitably keep agreements with others. Now they see you are trustworthy, like you for that, and may even open doors that could have been closed up to now.

It’s important to know what actions should be completed and which won’t affect your desired end results. Keep The Tao of Staying on Track top of mind. Keep your agreements with yourself.

And remember, great job today!


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