Depending on where you live, the New Year is about to begin! My friends in Australia are whooping and hollering a lot sooner!
That means they’re thinking about resolutions and goals already and getting excited about the possibilities of 2011. How about you? Excited?
It’s no surprise that the most resolved goal is to lose weight. Me too. But not so much the diet aspect, but the exercise bit needs a tend to! 
Today I want to offer a bit of help with setting goals and reaching them.

Set big audacious goals!
You’ve heard that said over and over. The truth is, it doesn’t work!
Too big and frustration sets in sooner because you don’t see any results for some time. But if you set small, doable goals – like a snap-shot of the day’s activity and keep that agreement with yourself, you’ll soon build trust in yourself to continue.
What I personally have done over the past years is set 5 lb milestones. In other words, when I weighed 190, I wanted to get to the 185. Next 180 I did that all the way down. I was also motivated by NOT weighing more than my hockey player nephew! He’s over 6 feet, sinew and muscle! Me – a tad shorter and flabby.
I found that this was so much easier to lose weight and exercise more.
There are many diets that are promoted to help a weight loss if followed exactly as they proclaim. But I could never do that. They were so strict and I wasn’t always home to do what was required. Plus the other big problem that a lot of people experience is that with an emotional eating problem, when you stop dieting, the weight usually comes back even faster than it left.
Now why is that? Basically, when you stop a diet which is a routine you’re not used to in type of food and quantity, you go back to eating the way you are used to.
The way you are used to, put the pounds on in the first place!
But there is another very important reason for gaining all the weight back.
If you believe (as I did) that I would be more desirable and life would be great if I only weighed less, that’s emotional obsession.
The inner emotions have to be handled differently than the physical necessity of different foods, smaller proportions and exercise.
After people get down to the weight they think will make life happier, they find out that nothing out there has changed. Have you experienced this?
All that effort, goal setting, patience and obsession – and life still sucks!
What happens then is, they gain back all the weight they lost so they can continue to blame their unhappiness on the overweight and jeans that don’t fit any more!
Ever blame your clothes?!
For these people, it is important to deal with the emotional aspects of the eating problem before they lose weight.
How? You won’t like the answer. You have to take 100% responsibility for what isn’t working in your life and do something about it first. Then, in a state of feeling good about yourself and your situation will the pounds drop like hotcakes!
In a nutshell, here are two secrets to help you with your weight loss goals in 2011:
1. Set smaller goals. Set goals you know you will achieve and build trust and confidence in your own abilities.
2. Keep your energy and opinions of your progress to yourself. That means, you have some inner dialogue along the way that helps you get clear about what is really the issue at hand. Getting some belief clarity is a great first step.
If you've been avoiding setting a goal to reduce weight because it seems pointless or overwhelming, try scaling back and see if you feel the satisfaction of reaching a smaller goal first.
And you’ll feel true relief when you let go of some disabling belief about yourself or your situation. 
The “Take Your Power Back” Coaching Program can help you stick with a program to meet the goals you've set.
Plus you’ll get an opportunity to dig for some silly belief you didn’t know was keeping you plump. Wouldn’t that be awesome to let go of crud that was simple to release? You bet it would! Check out the modules here and grab it now.
To your new look and New Year!

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