Support your local business!

I see and hear and read this all the time. It’s especially prominent in small towns.

So we shop local. Sometimes gifts and even food cost a little more than in the mega grocery chain stores. But what the heck, supporting the little local shops feels pretty good.

I’d been buying my birthdays and Christmas trinkets from a local shop here for several years.

Then I published my adult colouring books and proudly walked into the local gift shop asking if they would consider selling my book on consignment. They’d get a cut for sure.

Perfect gift and because the concept has hit a high popularity level, it’s a win win win situation.

What could it hurt?

I left a copy for the owner’s perusal. I even chatted with the owner before she had the chance to review the book.

She seemed excited.

A week goes by. Then two.

I call and leave a message.

No response.

I visit the store. Owner is not available.

But the nice clerk, Rose hands me back my book and apologizes that her boss wasn’t interested.

Then Rose continues the conversation saying she heard all over the radio how popular these are. People are looking for them.

I stare in disbelief.

I’m thinking, and your boss won’t support a local author?

And your boss won’t take on 5 little books on consignment to sell?

I looked at Rose, smiled and said, “oh yes. Popular and profitable.”

I walked out and this local gal will not support that local business.

They lost my spending sprees forever.

But don’t let that local frump owner dissuade you from testing out the adult colouring rave.

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