Makeup won’t cover up the bitchiness… but if you give her a gift that explores why she’s always angry about money,
you both win!

You’ll want to see this

Why is it so darn difficult to buy a gift that would surprise and delight the female adult on your list? No matter what age!


I asked myself the same question and decided to create the gift myself.


It took a little time and lots of ingenuity and patience, but I preserved and came up with not just one, but 2 special gifts.


The rage are adult coloring books. But these purse sized uniquely themed coloring books are ideal for the woman who needs 10 to 15 minutes a day to de-stress.


Add a bonus stuffer of a box of colored crayons and she will love you to the moon and back!


You have access as fast as the delivery man can drive to your door. You are a click away from becoming one of the best stocking stuffer’s ever – we will call you sage!


I’ve posted my favourite gifts below: Repeat after me “I want these!”






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