The Please God Series of coloring books for adults (and teens)….

… your secret weapon to self worth.

Coloring was once for children. Not any more. It has zen qualities and spawns creativity and calm in busy minds. In 10 minutes a day for self preservation, read, then color a powerful inspiration and the corresponding image to gain a sense of self worth – a reminder you count on a daily basis. Zen coloring give you mental ease, the results you want to tackle the day ahead with confidence.

Now for the exciting news!

All 3 of my current Please God series of coloring books for adults is in our local bookstore, Audreys Books in Edmonton, Alberta  Corner of 107 Street and Jasper Avenue. If you’re in the vicinity please walk in and grab a copy or 2 or 3 of the Please God series authored by my pen, Aunti Says.

They also make extraordinary gifts because they are not the typical page edge to page edge of mandala’s that give you a headache! lol Seriously, these little books have inspirations and pictures that most of us can relate to.

Positives About Coloring

Parents noticed that when their children colored, they remained calm and focused for moments and even hours on end. Children desired a calm spot to research that is definitely completely free of interruptions.

But guess what? So do adults.

Opt for a spot which is outside of where your youngster typically has. Be certain they incorporate some place to store materials so they would definitely be utilized.

Kids learn by coloring images that are relevant to subject topics. They learn about shapes and colors and boundaries (or out of boundaries!)

So do adults! Sometimes a quiet space, a few minutes alone, reading an inspiration and being able to color in that inspiration leaves a permanent mark of calm in the brain.

If you could use some calm, a few moments to yourself, and a daily reminder you are of value, then this coloring books for adults is the series for you.

if you’re not in the vicinity, you can get your copies here:

Worry Less. Live Wiser.

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Please God… don’t let me lose my Marbles!

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