Sept 1, 2015.


Mmmm… Smell the autumn in the air. Feel the crisper morning breeze. Right on cue as if Mother Nature herself flipped the calendar page and thought, oh my, time to turn down the Northern hemisphere’s thermostat!

For most parents, school is back and even though there is a relief mingling around the brain, it’s equally stressful. Getting clothes, supplies, routes figured out, and with each decision more money seems to flow out.

If you find yourself feeling the pinch, you need to do this one thing.

Relax so you can think better.

Easier said than done? Maybe. School expenses are not going away. However how you handle your feelings is completely your job.

And here’s the best tool to reduce anxiety and produce Zen like vibes to put your mind at ease.

Adult Color book for women who are in financial stress. How delightful when you can now ease the tension a few moments each day.

Coloring is proven to relax the brain which sends signals to the rest of your body.

Even famed psychologist Dr Carl Jung gave his patients coloring sheets, specifically, mandalas which are circular designs with concentric shapes similar to the Gothic churches’ rose windows. His patients became more relaxed and were able to deal with issues quicker and easier.

When your mind is relaxed, it reflects what you will and won’t spend your money.

You will make decisions quicker and smarter. And stay cool and collected as the kids dash home with more expenses needed for the upcoming year.

It may not get easier to spend money, but you will have a powerful, fun tool to help you regain your composure as you make decisions where the money goes.

Simply check this Amazon link.

And when you’ve had a chance to color several of the very specific pages designed to reduce financial stress, please leave me a comment.  I would love to have your feedback on that same Amazon page.

You go handle the financial stresses of school start! And feel damn good about it!

great job!

Aunti Says

“What a delightful, creative and fun way to face and color-through financial fears. We can all benefit from Aunti Says.  I will include this resource in my next newsletter, Your Uplift. Thank you Aunti!” — Patricia Morgan

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