New Book With A Bubble Popping Twist Even Einstein Would Be Excited About!

Available on Amazon, a new book, “The Most Powerful Person on Earth!” packs a soft and deliberate punch and promises that in 21 Days you could literally erase pain, frustration, and tears! The tools here will blow your mind!

(ProRisk Press Ltd.) July 23, 2011 

Author, Patricia Ogilvie, loves to write as much as she stands for self-reliance and empowerment! In fact, when given the opportunity, Ogilvie will hug the stage, grab a mic and yell at the people in the audience, “Wake-up! Each and every one of you deserves to feel good all the time! You deserve to have the love of your life! You’re worth it! And never let anyone else tell you different!” That was the scene several years ago when she presented to her peers at Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in the Edmonton Chapter. They couldn’t get her off her soap box! And why would they? Ogilvie, Founder of the Platinum Program, “Take Your Power Back” is committed to helping you build genuine relationships with yourself and others. Ogilvie says, “Only when you figure it out from the core, deep down, only then will you expand in abundance, success and love!” Her latest book, “The Most Powerful Person on Earth!” helps women, men, young and old take a serious look at how to make quantum leaps in changing their frustrated life – without knowing physics formulas. Every day people ask themselves, “Why me? Why am I in such pain? Why can’t I just get a break?” Ogilvie explains why in this book. She answers these pleas and more. Regardless of the debt, pain, or sense of aloneness, Patricia Ogilvie, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s author and coach, has the insider tips on where to begin the inner change to create more abundance, success and love.

Patricia Ogilvie, a leading expert in energy tools and guiding people to experience a dynamic shift into a higher level of success and excitement says, "Once you have the experience in your body to feel successful, taking action beyond your norm is easy.”

People are taking notice and among the leading-edge in energy transformation, expert David Morelli, life coach and trainer of energy tools says, “97% of your decisions in life are made by your subconscious. You don't know, a lot of the times, why do you what you do!”

Albert Einstein says, "Time is within, you've got as much as you need!" Ogilvie explains Einstein time – something you will never run out of if you apply this little trick. To find out for yourself what to change, this book offers the simplest, easiest and interesting tools to help you get issues and pain out once and for all! About:

Patricia Pysyk Ogilvie has spent the better part of her life obsessed with changing people’s attitudes and wanting them to be happy. Born into a boisterous Ukrainian traditional family where girls had their place, cooking and cleaning and raising kids, she fought hard to step out of the subservient role. She insisted upon education and armed with 2 advanced degrees in Administration, she danced her way into writing and teaching to self-employed Business/Life Coach.  Patricia is never at a loss for conversation about self-esteem, Einstein, or energy work. Based in Alberta Beach, Alberta by way of Edmonton, her book, “the Most Powerful Person on Earth!” offers a dynamic, unique and simple process to get to the bottom of the pain that keeps you from success and feeling loved. Her clients are astonished at how quickly they transform into recognizing their true power and success. You can find her on her website/blog at  or simply contact Patricia at 780-940-5429 for details.


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