The one cause I want to support for the rest of my life is helping you in writing a book—your memoir or nonfiction—shorty or meaty—doesn’t matter, just write it, as it’s the best feeling in the world! Why?

Years ago I gave a little workshop to my country church congregation, a few ladies came, and I offered to help them document their life stories, use a simple format that took a bit of destiny, some humour, and a lot of their memories. Put on paper, they could quickly and inexpensively book bind or coil and give their children a little historical piece of themselves. It hurt me to see how they guffawed and giggled that the idea was an absurd thing to do.

One said, “I don’t have time.”

Another said, “I write in a journal already.”

“But,” I retorted, “your children don’t see your journal, and probably don’t know your past. They will forget what you tell them. They will remember forever, what you write.”

Well, ladies, your children may have memories, (if they didn’t forget) but their children will not. You see, soon after, both those women passed on in a concise time of each other. Both women were in their 50’s – that’s it! 50’s!

I am saddened they wouldn’t take a season (3 months tops!) to draft a memoir of their stories. I did, “The Day the Pigs Almost Ate my Baby Brother,” is a collection of stories my siblings and I experienced as children. Their kids love it!

Draft that memoir – a couple of pages, photocopies and offer your family the gift of you. That easy!

So what cause is closest to your heart?

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