“This is Like Crazy Glue!” says my client when her customer list doubled in a week.


“They’re coming out of the woodwork!” exclaimed another about how customers are asking for her services.


What magic did they discover?


Millions of people trudge off to work each and every day, wishing they were anywhere else, and hoping one day to find what really inspires them. If that’s you, then rest assured, you are not alone.


There are also as many who don’t work and pray they get their hands in the economic pie.


So what do both have in common?


Do you have either of these situations right now?


Dollar to donuts it’s because you lost your passion!


Am I right?


But know this: There is still time to discover your passion and start doing the work you love.


  • Maybe you are working long hours,
  • fit their needs into your schedule,
  • lose sleep and then, BAM!


The client bashes your work in front of everyone else and you can’t breathe for the blinking of your eyes in disbelieved horror.


What’s more, your heart hurts at the insensitivity of it all.


Would you like to work only with clients you like and who like you?


Would you like respect from all sides?


You can. How? Simple.

There are 4 steps in a better marketing approach that puts them and you in a perspective that will surprise the boots off your feet!


Are you ready to become so clear about your perfect customer, they fall over backwards to hire you?


Then join me in this FREE Google Hangout Webinar February 3, 2016 2 pm EST (noon MST, 11 am PST).


You will not only discover what makes your ideal customer tick, you will be surprised to find out your own powerful energetic hook!


Join me?


Are you ready for a better approach to marketing? Let me know you want more and join me in the Hangout.


I propose that by using the concept of attraction, you can net 80% more profit by servicing 20% of perfect customers – and that means perfect for you.


The process suggests asking four questions:

  1. What are the qualities and attributes of my perfect customer?
  2. What make my perfect customer tick? (inner values)
  3. What do I want my perfect customer to expect of me? (clarifies what you want to provide)
  4. What do I have to improve to be more attractive? (not talking about hair and makeup here LOL)

The premise is, the clearer you become about what is important to you, the more of the perfect customers you want will appear, be attracted to you, quickly and easily.

This concept is integral to your branding, however, it’s more about becoming crystal clear about what you will accept and what you shouldn’t.

Imagine working only with clients you like and who like you. Imagine. Register right now and discover this little know law of attraction concept that will blow you away!



Have a glorious day, and great job… and see you next week!


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