Allow me to share a few of my quirks and idiosyncrasies, and why they make no sense.


  1. ✔️✔️ I took the wrapper off the turkey for quicker thaw. Something was wrong. Something was missing. I couldn’t figure it out for a moment. And then, much to my astonishment, I noticed the drum parts of the legs were missing! The best, part! The drumsticks! Thighs only and sure didn’t need to be reminded about thighs! I grabbed the package I just tore off and read—again—yep, Canada A. Makes no sense? Well, obviously, it should have been labelled Canada, eh!?

  2. ✔️✔️ I am Patricia and I write e-books for the Financial Marketplace that desires connection with clients in a way that builds trust, rapport and ultimately makes them more money for whatever lifestyles they choose!! 2020 hit us all pretty hard for a while. But not for long. I help you provide the insight into improving clients’ money blocks which may include: self-worth, self-sabotage, perceptions and beliefs. Let’s build a relationship between you and your clients. Let’s help them feel better about the economy and renew an invigorating climb rebuilding a retirement that will prove satisfactory! Who’s with me? Your e-books and content take you from smoldering ash, ready for the trash, to earning their trust!What makes no sense is back in those days, growing up a girl meant that I wasn’t always given the same earning chances as boys. True story: one evening my dad was picking me up from a babysitting gig. He took the money out of my hand and told the lady of the boys I sat that night, “Not for friends. It’s free.” Who was babysitting? Not him! And here I am, helping (even the boys) make more money! Doesn’t make any sense.

  3. ✔️✔️ My favourite book(s) as a child were the sets of World Book and Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia Britannica. I used them diligently throughout junior and senior high school—the go-to pseudo-Google Search Engine before Google!What doesn’t make sense is no one wants them anymore. No one wants to see the old maps where the borders used to be. No one wants the heavy volumes as door stops either. I can’t give them away! So I’m thinking I should Christmas wrap one or two of the books at a time and give them out as presents! Then if anyone needs to look up something in the “P” book but received the “L” book, they can connect and share info. Right?

  4. ✔️✔️ In the last couple years I published 17 books on KDP Amazon. Four went best-seller in multiple categories! Sixteen are nonfiction, the seventeenth is a children’s book. With them all, I developed a strategy that trumps any outline process out there.What doesn’t make sense is after reading other highly recommended books, I felt the texts took readers (me) on a zig and zag word journey—hitting the jagged rocks along the fast-flowing research riverbank and maimed us so badly, we wanted to jump out into the cold stream with the fish—without a life jacket! Gobbledygook.

  1. ✔️✔️ I always loved school. Couldn’t’ get out the door, ride the school bus for over an hour every morning starting 7 a.m. for twelve years to get to the halls of a tiny schoolhouse in a tiny village. I know, I know, that statement alone doesn’t make sense. The bus smelled like dirty feet, and if mom forced me to eat porridge in the morning, fifteen minutes down the road, I motioned the bus driver to stop—now—and I would step out into the ditch to puke!What’s more, us farm kids used to call the village kids, “the town kids.” It wasn’t a town, ever! Lol


 ✔️✔️ Bonus that makes no sense: I have to toss in another one here. I created an online course for procrastinator-type writers. Maybe you’re one of them only because you’re not sure how to get your brain organized? Whatever the reason, help is on the way.

What doesn’t make sense, that as a former schoolteacher, how to write research reports (nonfiction books are perfect for researchers) wasn’t on the curriculum. I spent a lot of time and money in my adult years to learn these tactics. Just doesn’t make sense! And what’s more, even if students grow up never needing to write research projects, they will need the skills to review and study nonfiction (maybe even yours) for other purposes. Doesn’t make sense.

Click the link, hit the register now button, and when you get to Module 2, you’ll understand how a simple flow system could help you succeed every step of the research writing process. When you get to Module 3, you feel that euphoric sense of accomplishment that it’s not that difficult to go from “tearing your hair out in frustration” to “I know exactly what to do with my book content!”

I’m going to give you a huge, huge clue: if by some chance your readers make it to the end, hopefully they see this: a brilliantly crafted Call to Action to persuade the reader to want more. Most writers never, ever added this valuable segment. Right? Don’t be like those forgetful writers. Click the link:

The choice is yours!


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