You may have heard about the unfortunate teen suicide, 14 year old Daron Richardson, daughter of Ottawa Senators assistant coach, hung herself.

Although bullying was suspected, no evidence was found. 

So why did this young, vibrant, beautiful girl take her life? 

She is a daughter of a high profile sports figure.  She spends time by herself without her father.  She led a lifestyle that not everyone understands – that of living with someone who is in the spotlight.

Tons was already written on facebook and attacked by internet trolls.  Why?!  And it makes you wonder why close to 10,000 people joined in the attacks.  And that's not bullying!?

God help the teen who needs to be heard.  God help the young woman who wants to be seen.  God help them help themselves especially if they don't have a healthy support system in place.

God bless you Daron and bless your family.

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