Whether they are standing at the pulpit in front of their congregation, ministering from a stage, the radio, TV or on social media, you’ve met them. They are the self-proclaimed anointed carriers of God’s word and they have been given realm to pray for you!

It may be that some of you thirst for someone to pray on your behalf or you may wonder as I do, whether the only response having someone pray for me is that it brings up the worst in me out in the open.

I’ve had the priests pray for and over me for decades.  Not once can I honestly say, yep, “they” fixed that for me!

The only thing that happens when they pray for me is that I’m reminded of the issue and continue feeling like a victim hoping someone else will solve this for me.

I believe that even God doesn’t solve our issues for us. God energy is sent us when asked to have the strength, courage and conviction to solve our own issues. Paths are cleared, opportunities open up and providence moves to support us in the healing. But we have to take our own actions!

Frankly, it is important to become aware of what is troubling you and what requires attention and change. Absolutely, I agree. However, my point of view is this about having others pray for us.

Every single time someone asks, “How can I pray for you?” or writes, or preaches out to pray over us, everyone, and I mean everyone has a full blown negative issue they want to have someone else magically resolve for them.

What is energetically occurring is that when asked, people are reminded of the sh!t and garbage in their lives. Every time when asked, people want miracle healing, bank accounts to swell, relationships to change and illness and depressions to fade to nothing.

My point is this; because If you want a prayer answered, you have to ask and pray for it yourself. If you want to better your situation, you focus on the solution and not expand the issue. If you want to get better, feel better, have better relationships and earn more money, you need to change something in your life right now and focus on appreciating the good things to expand. You can ask for support, but you need to take the praying and action into your own hands!

Nobody benefits when the focus remains on the issue. Everybody benefits when the focus is on solution.

The sooner you realize that not even the holiest and God-given apostle can solve your issues, the sooner you need to pray for yourself. What’s more, if a prayer giver thinks about it, the better question would be “How can I support you to pray intelligent prayers that could change your life for the better?” 

Now that’s more like it!  Don’t pray for me! Teach me how to pray better!

I can sense that this is controversial already. So be it! Be my teacher, not my dependency.

Great job today!


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