Every once in a while, dramatic life-changes are begging to be made…


Whether it’s now, or will be soon, you owe it to yourself to make them easy, effective, and powerful.

Imagine anytime, anywhere having a powerful technique at your fingertips to liberate you from your “stuck places” in seconds…now imagine having 24 of them.  What will you do with all that transformational power?  You’ll create the life you’ve longed for, right? 

Of course, and now’s the time.


When you arrive, you’ll notice that “energy” tools are the cutting-edge of life-transformation, and that the best of the best use them.  The techniques you’ll find are just  the ones that work.

Here’s a few of the 1200 comments about the power of these “energy” tools & the content you’ll get:

Neal Topper

When I work from my core using the energy tools and insights from David and Kristin everything else just pales in comparison. No more step by step, play small, be linear…. it's all play big, play full out and bend time for quantum leaps. Gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness is overflowing for the two of you!

Reba Bowen

Woo-Hoo! I just had a major shift in paradigm, bringing into question some subconscious beliefs I didn't even realize I had. I am simply revealing in the feeling of new possibilities. Thanks so much!

Loree Hardee Furr


80,000+ people just flocked to this event.  Whether you were one of the lucky ones to attend or not, you need to know about it now…before it goes away.


This event finished, but it’s not too late.

If you’re ready to stop struggling with the “slow road”, “hard road”, or “uphill battle” to solve your m.o.n.e.y, career, relationship, & health issues, then discover the power of these unique techniques.


Why go now?  They’re only going to be available for a very short time, since the event is now over.  (See for yourself)

Great job!

Patricia Ogilvie

P.S.  Isn’t now the time to remove the obstacles you keep tripping over?  I think you  reserve the smooth road, and I’d like to show you an easy way to get there: 


P.P.S.  Here are just a few more of the 1200 comments like these.

Monique Jackson

Have you ever listened to a talk that resonated so fully with you that you felt like you were flying the whole time? OMG! I just listened to…'Dreaming Your Way Into Solving Big Problems'. The speaker, Mary Manin Morrissey, has one of the most incredible gifts of blowing away perceived limitations…I'm still buzzing! 🙂

Monica D. Williams

OMG! Carol Look's mind-blowing EFT exercise is right on the m.o.n.e.y! This was for me, thank you.

Terese Covey

Can't wait to purchase and listen again! I have so many "ah ha" moments on all these calls, I can't keep up with my notes! Having them to listen to over again is invaluable.   I'm so grateful for all the love and energy that has been put into this summit! Amazing,  powerful, life changing stuff! Woo Hoo!

Jenny Ocegueda-Reynosa

Thank you soooooo much, David! It was a great meditation and experience to confirm my life's purpose…You are awesome! WooHoo!

Shasta Rose

Thank you so much for the guided meditation on releasing destructive m.o.n.e.y patterns!   It felt very transformative and uplifting…What a gift!

Amanda Goldston ·

I have just listened to Dr Alex's Healing process for the second time with the issue of Unworthiness. At the end I started to cry and felt this profound sense of love and that I had always been loved. This is definitely a WOOHOO! Moment and this is only the first day. Thank you for putting on this summit.

Susan Sturdy Matthews · University of Alberta

That mediation with David just now was truly profound. I was overwhelmed with the love in that space. I felt something so deep so moving. Thank you.

Brian K Gruver

Hi guys…Thank you for doing this and helping me towards my DESTINY the over  whelming feeling of LOVE is so strong in me its amazing.

What will you experience here?


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