This is not a “how to” blog for people who have the desire to have a happy life.

It’s an on going story.

Actually, it’s a lot of little stories with a whole batch of morals.

Ok, I lied.  It is a bit of a “how to” because the visions I had, startled me into thinking more appropriately and how to enjoy my life more.

As a former school teacher and an Aunti to a batch of gloriously intelligent and beautiful nieces and nephews, this blog is my way of sharing my philosophy about my life experiences and findings.

Morals are for betterment. So the main moral of this blog is this: You cannot rely on anyone else even though sometimes it is easy and convenient. 

In fact, you must ignore everybody because you have enough of your opinions and beliefs to sift through.

The biggest and baddest and bottom-feeder lesson I learned in my 60 years is this: As soon as you want approval from outside yourself, you dip automatically into doubt. You doubt the smallest to the grandest potential of yourself!

Here’s how I came to find this out. But first…

Turning 60 was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life so far. Literally, after celebrating my birthday event with family, I blacked out in a public place.  Fortunately for me, my husband was with me.

When I woke, I looked into a young boy’s eyes and wondered, had I just died and he was a kid angel?

Nope. Apparently he knew CPR and my frightened husband appreciated he could punch on my chest to get me breathing.  Now I don’t know if I was or wasn’t breathing, but heck, I woke. That was a good sigh.

The ambulance attendants were asking me if I could stand and get on the stretcher. I could with support and they wheeled me out and to the hospital.

A few months later, I was scheduled for open heart surgery because my childhood murmur, specifically the aortic valve, was weakening and not enough oxygenated blood was getting to my head. Hence, the blackouts.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

While I was recovering enjoying pain killers, I began hallucinating.

Or maybe it was real?

The angelic apparition who came to me in my hallucinations was not a boy angel by any stretch of the imagination. She was one of the most beautiful and finely dressed woman I had ever seen. She was a goddess. She shone and vibrated and flowed with such ease, I felt instantly safe in her presence. And she had much to share with me.

My story begins here and I shall document more as we go along.

In the meantime, great job today and remember, Aunti Says… Ignore Everybody!


P.S. I’ll explain later.

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