Yesterday, after listening to a feng shui video reminding me to clear clutter, I reorganized my office space. Oh yeah, a ton of unnecessary paper gone! A bag full of unnecessary clutter, gone! I then realized what I wanted—I wanted money to flow in and compensate my work!

Behind and above my desk on the very top of my bookcase, sat an angel to look over me. I put her there a couple years ago. For a couple years, my business slacked, slowed, and disappointed my desired financial results.

Suddenly, I realized, angels don’t need money, so how could this doll signify financial prosperity in any way? None!

I took her down, placed her in a different room and the moment I put her down in her new spot, the phone upstairs in my office rang. It rang and rang and rang; I was startled because we disconnected the land line two years ago. I use it as an intercom between rooms when my husband needs to find me, or I him. But this was a real phone ring.

When I recovered from my shock, went back into the office, lifted the receiver and of course, there is no voice. Some static on the line, otherwise nothing. To me, that ring was a sign from my guardian angel. I am a believer of signs and this was a long, prolonged signal I was doing the right action.

Do you know someone who’s passed who communicates with you, or believe you get messages from the beyond? Try asking for signs from them in the coming weeks. And feng shui your space!

The simple act of decluttering will make your day!


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