I look at my calendar and January is almost gonzo!

Shocked me a tad because hard as I try, I can’t seem to get a grip on how quickly time is slithering on. What about you? Is time bothering you? I treat time like a person. I talk to it and sometimes screech to slow down! Let’s focus, gal, let’s focus here and now.


But she doesn’t listen to me. I should use magic. Hmmmm.


I take a deep breath and look out the window and even though we’re in the middle of winter here, the sun is shining and the temps have been higher than normal.


Mushy streets, but not getting my hopes up.  There will be more snow soon.


I notice a spider swings confidently across my view. What the heck. I thought it was too cold for them.

But today is unusually warm, so probably wants to warm its fuzzy legs.

It occurs to me as I watch, that it never wants for food (customers).

It builds its intricate web in an obscure little corner under the eave and that’s it. Its customer (food) comes to it.

Now how does that work?


If you don’t have spidee web building capability, nor magic, here’s the next best thing.


First let me ask you, how do you attract your prospects?

How do they find you?  More importantly, what do you do to keep them in your beautiful business web?

Here are a few ideas.

  • Offer them specific information that only they desire.
  • Promise content that solves their problems.
  • Make it simple for them. Too many businesses try to be too many things to too many people.
  • Let’s repeat that – Too many businesses try to be too many things to too many people.


Your power is in focus.


Here’s another question: Do you know who your ideal prospect is?

You say you do, from the woman up the street, the man in the building next to you, the people who “like” you on Facebook, retweet your posts on Twitter, look at your profile on LinkedIn…



What do they have in common?


So how can you attract your perfect customer?


I invite you to join me because you are ready to become so clear about your perfect customer, they fall over backwards to hire you.


Join me in this FREE Google Hangout Webinar February 3, 2016 2 pm EST (noon MST, 11 am PST).


You will not only discover what makes your ideal customer tick, you will be surprised to find out your own powerful energetic hook!

I posted a blog a few days ago about the 4 elements required to get clear about who you want to attract to your business.

If you missed it, grab it here. http://proriskenterprises.com/attracting-perfect-customers/


Are you ready for a better approach to marketing? Let me know you want more and join me in the Hangout.

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