Hey how are you?


Happy March!


March is the third month of the year, which has 31 days, and is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.


In the spirit of the Mars, the god of war, I’m gifting you some of my time to wage war on some life issues that could be holding you back from what you really want.


  • You don’t know if you can keep going through life feeling like an extra in someone elses movie.
  • You’re struggling to break free from codependency, to stand up straight and tall declaring your true feelings.
  • and you’re tired of hiding in a blanket of fear around people.


You’ve been pushed around, harassed, yelled at and sometimes the only way to defend yourself was to yell right back!


You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t catch a break because you feel you need to protect your heart. You feel you’ll get hurt asking for what you want.


Self-respect, courage and self-worth seems foreign to you right now.


Even if you sweat and tremble a little when you think about asking for a day off, increase fee prices, want work that inspires you, or just asking your friend to water your plants on a weekend you want to get away, this gift is for you.


Test out your level of assertiveness with me, in a safe and easy way.


I am gifting you my time online to read your energy if you want.

Send me an email from my contact page:

Tell me a little about yourself. Your name and where you live.


Then, tell me what area of your life do you have a challenge that is keeping you stuck?


  • Is it about respect or lack of?
  • Are you finding you’re more aggressive instead of calm assertive in asking for your dreams?
  • Are you dealing with someone who manipulates you or ignores you?
  • What area in your life could use an energy shift right now?


How does it feel when you do ask for what you want? Can you stay present to your client, spouse, partner, friend without being attached to them saying yes or no to you?


Do you feel desperate or could you see how to stand in your own power?


Where have you been putting off making decisions in your own life or business? What decisions can you start to make but are afraid to move forward?


I’m AuntiSays (Patricia Ogilvie) and I’m an Certified Assertiveness Coach. I help women (and men) just like you uncover the best version of themselves.


I’ve spent years honing my craft and I’ve got certifications in energy reading, coaching and advanced degrees in administration and teaching.


Send me an email with the issue you want more insight into.


I can read your energy online and either ask a few more questions or give you insight about how to become more assertive in your current stand.


You’re ready to go after your dreams and I’m here to show you how. Write me:



Have a blessed day and great job today.



P.S. I’m an intuitive energy and assertiveness Coach and I want to help you begin the shift to me more assertive and proud of who you are.


Again, write me you’re burning question on accessing YOUR BEST SELF in your business, or personal life. Give me a little bit on where you want to go and I’ll give you a bit of intuitive feedback that supports a block you may have.


This block may be affecting your ability to reach your goal or getting in the way of your next big move. I will be available for the next week.

GO! These are so fun!! And I think you’ll be surprised.


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