“If You Don’t Say It, No One Hears You!”  

and I’m Mad as the Mad Hatter!



Geeeez! I am so angry right now, I could spit! Even the cutie Johnny Depp looks ominous as the Mad Hatter, doesn’t he?

Let me explain what’s happening.

First, a highly successful business woman from the Beverly hills of the posh west sent me her regular newsletter claiming she had hidden a secret of her success from us, her subscriber list, for almost a decade!

She is “coming out” and unveiling that her business success is based on developing a trusting relationship with spirit – God – the Universe!

I’m angry because I too have built a relationship with the universe and I never told you!  I have accessed the energetic essence aspect within me that allows this connection and steers me to make clear decisions.

Why else am I angry?  Because I haven’t been honest with you!

I haven’t told you about that part of my journey because I assumed people who are working to build businesses want the nuts, bolts, encouragement and validation for their visions, goals and action plans! They don’t want mysticism and voo-doo energy stuff! That’s what I thought.

Quite frankly, I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of information lately that successful people in business (particularly women) are asking for a different kind of support.

They are asking for a wholeness and spiritual connection with each other, their families, their partners, co-workers and ultimately with their essence – whatever they call the total universal energy that flows though us all.

They want and crave a heck of a lot more!  They want to know what’s underneath their decisions.  They want to know that the choices they make are congruent with their internal essence. They want that inner guidance!

And you know what else? I got even angrier for another big reason!

So this woman claims her success is based on the relationship she built with a higher power. When I heard Oprah’s final presentation that her strength came from a higher power, I spit nails! I mean, I always knew she had Jesus in her heart. But for pete’s sake, she gave the universal energy credit for every single billion dollar decision! She said the power is all the same! We just have to tap into it.

She also said, “People make bad choices and blame everybody but themselves for what happened, yet when you know better you do better.  Nobody but you is responsible for your life.  It doesn’t matter what your mommy did, it doesn’t matter what your daddy didn’t do. You are responsible for your life.  And your life is what all life is energy.  Every flower, every rock, every tree, every human being is energy!”

Ha! That’s what I’ve been saying all along – in a convoluted, whisper coming from under a rock kind of way!  You didn’t hear me!

I have been offering complimentary readings of energy which bolster your connection with a higher source.

I have been training with one of the world’s top energy transformation coaches. And I have been pussy footing and skittering around talking about it!

That there is no other way of succeeding. And yet, I don’t feel good right now. In fact, I hope I didn’t miss the boat by staying silent.

I know I ruffled feathers when I wrote in my newsletters that success can be had with grace and ease.

I ruffled more feathers when I wrote that frustration, procrastination and failures were mere blocks of energy that could be easily and effortlessly released.

Some of my subscribers unsubscribed. Others didn’t bother opening the newsletter. And still others laughed – out loud – to my face!

So I finally understood what my presentation lacked.  It lacked commitment to you and to come from an authentic mindset.

The other thing I realized was I was not very clear when I wrote that you are responsible for your own life and you’re responsible for the energy that you create for yourself. And you’re responsible for the energy that you to others!

So even my good friends jumped ship.  What? What scared them?

My not being authentic and truthful about where my source of action, speed, ease and success comes from – that’s what!

I’m fresh out of anger.  I actually feel a sense of ease and compassion right now for those who don’t get it.

I also feel a sense of anticipation and excitement with those who do.

If you truly want to find out how energetic blocks can be shifted with a simple tool, how you can feel validated even if you’ve never been validated before, or even if you just don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, contact me for a 10 minute session.

You will finally understand that Oprah’s been reminding you for 25 years! That’s what gave her billions!  And it’s not as scary as God and sin as so many would want you to believe. It’s all about energy!

Look, if you’d really like to know what all this energy stuff is about, and you’re ready to focus on an old issue that keeps tripping you up, maybe you’ll consider letting me mentor you through to your mental chatter and gain more power.

Special gratis offer to my subscribers – a 10 minutes session where you will experience:

  • A profound sense of feeling SEEN (maybe for the first time in your life).
  • Identification of the root cause of ANY problem in 10 MINUTES OR LESS.
  • Removal of your block/issue at the ENERGETIC LEVEL – in the same session!
  • A sense of wonder and possibility about how easily you can LEARN and GROW with access to these kinds of techniques.
Contact me after checking it out on my coaching page here.




Here’s what a couple of people said about their experiences.  And then go to contact page and let me know you want a free 10 minutes reading.  You have nothing to lose! You have a ton to gain!  What else can I give you other than my first born for pete’s sake!!!
“For some reason, I feel amazingly positive this afternoon! Whatever hex you put on me, it’s working. I was able to deal with the client without losing my cool and get the job done! Thanks Patricia, I am enjoying reconnecting with you and your wonderful spirit. Have a great weekend!” — Jan Palmer  




During our session, Patricia got right to the heart of the matter and lead me into letting go of something I have been carrying all of this life… possibly lifetimes. Literally and figuratively, I have been unchained from being enslaved to anything other than my heart. And it feels good! Thank you Patricia! “– Charlene Samsone




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