This is my best work yet!  And my lucky 13th short read, published as an e-book on Kindle and a real paperback with Createspace publishers hit No 1 In France, No 1 in Canada and #8 in the U.S.

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Why do you care?  Because I wanted to prove that a quality book can and did reach best seller status.

I wanted to prove to you, I am qualified to write a book and have it reach best seller.

I wanted to prove to you, you can have the same, recognition, approval, respect, and the honour of becoming an authority.

Read the book.  You can grab a copy here. And then grab a free ebook from the home page.  And finally, call me to set up a chat about having me write your next book, your marketing for it, or just to chat.

Have a great day and talk soon.


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