Causes, you ask? Drinking Causes Cancer?

I’m not trying to scare you – well maybe I am. The Molecular Biology study suggests that greater alcoholic consumption damages your DNA. Cambridge University’s study has found that when the body processes alcohol, it produces acetaldehyde, a chemical harmful to DNA.

According to a news article this week by Sarah Knapton in The Edmonton Journal, she researched that the damage happens in blood stem cells, which create the red and white blood cells that carry oxygen through the body and help fight infections.  Here mega bold and big headline:

“Alcohol Increases Risk of Cancer”

… got my attention.

Her research shows that the alcohol produced acetaldehyde snaps the DNA of the stem cells, permanently altering the genetic code and triggering cancer. Hence, broken and useless.

That extra glass, bottle, or sip, can trigger several types of cancer: liver, breast, bowel, upper throat, mouth, esophageal and larynx. The study shows that drinking alcohol could indeed increase the risk of damage and ultimately a weakness to fight off cancer cells.

Guffaw all you want, but why take the risk?  The solution is this simple: reduce your consumption. That’s what I talk about in my book, “How to Keep the Ground from Shaking”.  Listen, it’s no joke – hangovers and dry skin, slouching, vomiting and hanging onto walls or chairs to keep stable are minor effects.  So are busting families and sabotaging relationships minor. But damaging the internal structure of your DNA is something to consider. It’s your life or death.

Did you read that right? Because DNA damage leads to cell death. And cell death leads to cancer. And cancer leads to… well, you decide.

Check out my book and find out how I quit altogether. You may just want to reduce a glass or a day or a week of consumption in your routine. Save the savour for cooking and celebrations. Try to remember, what’s more important – saving your dignity and ass, or getting drunk?

Have a wonderful year ahead of you – oh and check out the statistic in the book, you can reverse alcohol-induced damage!

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