Sharon’s bridal shower was a blast! We did the traditional “guess what this is” game and a non-traditional activity.  Heard of laughter yoga?

If you haven’t laughed out loud for at least 2 minutes, you haven’t worked your abdomenals!

Someone just starts to laugh. If you really want a fun moment, have the person with the loudest or most unusual laugh begin. Then everyone joins and you laugh out loud for a period of time. What happens is that people begin to laugh normally, heartily, and with gusto!

Laughing is contagious and the best stress reliever ever developed!

So if you can shift into laughter for a minute or better, five, you will shift your energy into a mental and physical mode that releases stress and gives you better perspective on your next action step.

What else reduces stress and gives you room to consider and manoeuvre your next steps?

Powerful questions – start with Why…

Why do I formulate goals with ease?

Why am I comfortable with asking and receiving financial compensation for my workshops?

Why is my business succeeding?

Why do so many people recognize my value?

Why is it so easy for me to let my essence shine through in everything I do?

Why do I know with crystal clarity what actions to take and when?

Why am I mastering leading workshops for women with ease?

Why do I know who to ask for support and gracious to accept it?

You'd be surprised at the power of flipping a question into a little positive instead of coming from the lack or negative angle.

Take another look at the questions. You’ll notice that I ask myself questions that take me to my desired results instead of coming out of confusion.

Do the same thing with your next set of decisions. Ask why questions about success and positive energy.

Then ask what, who, where, when and how using the same technique. You will discover your stress levels decrease and your confidence increase.

Enjoy and let me know what happens for you!

Great job today!

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