Seriously, How well do you sing or play a musical instrument? Do you love music?

Does it matter?  I grew up listening to a honky local country music radio station, CFCW.

Every morning, like clockwork, my father would get up with us before school, turn the button on and scratchy country would fill the kitchen.

It wasn’t until my brother turned about 10 that he would walk over to the radio and switch the frequency to the hot CHED rock and roll.

When we got home, it was back to CFCW, old country.

Every morning for the next 10 years, the radio blasted the 2 varying styles of music and every morning, one or the other of the dial turners had a grin from ear to ear.

It was fun to watch and the lesson for us was, we learned that variety made us whole and better suited to face life with an open mind and ear.

Love of music has no style set in stone. Love of music opened us to Baroque classical, old and modern country, rock and roll, classics and pop.

We sang, we played the piano, and we danced.

That’s what turning the music on every morning did for us.

I know my father purposely kept news off the air until we caught the school bus out.

For this I am grateful because who wants their kid’s head filled with bad news (which by the way, is still the norm that the news broadcasts the negative) first thing in the day when it should be “Today is a great day. Let’s sing!”

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is keep the TV news off, fill the home with a variety of music, and shake your booty woes away.

Have a super day,


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