You and I both know, sometimes time slows.  However for most of us, it flashes by at the speed of a runaway locomotive.

Time won’t stand still.

If you’re a speaker, trainer, or coach, your schedule is filled with working with your clients.

When do you have time to create your workbooks, handouts and products to give or sell?

Time’s tight, right?

I know because as a trainer myself, I stayed up late nights making sure I had the handouts ready for the workshops.

And now, the next best content for your audience is an adult coloring book.

Here’s an example.

One of the popular and necessary items a coach, speaker or trainer offers his or her audience is refresher on perfectionism.

I can’t count how many times as a teacher then adult educator we had to go through the concept about how perfectionism could destroy great work… and how to let it go so quality is produced without feeling the stress and anxiety.

Well, here’s a solution.

Ready created content and all you have to do is put a new cover and your contact information inside.

Simple, easy, time saving.

And you can get it customized if you wanted to.

Here’s a complete set of content ready for you and your customer! Do with it as you please!


Test this out.

Then let me know if you need help customizing the content to your particular needs.

In the mean time,

…have a beautiful day.

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