Here’s What You Need To Stop Worrying About!


Ever wonder as you age if you will become senile and lose not only your faculties, but also your life?


Less than twenty years ago, that was the norm. They believed once you hit that magic age of 65, you would lose your mental faculties.


Since then, dozens of research studies have shown that although learning may be slower with age or people can forget minor details, they don’t lose their marbles.


Far from it!


Fact is, young or old worry that minor forgetfulness many develop into full-blown Alzheimer’s.


Balderdash! Not true. According to Dr. Walter Rocca, professor of epidemiology and neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota believes that even Alzheimer’s disease is not as widespread as people (and the media) think it is.


He says, “Only one in every hundred individuals between 65 and 69 has this disease.”


People love to blow things out of proportion. And the media is the worst when it comes to blabbering myths just to make a headline.


But that’s for another day.


The studies are showing that memory loss is not random. They are proving that many different factors can increase a person’s risk, however, the same principle applies to heart attacks.


And this may surprise you. The biggest contributor to memory loss is lack of focus and attention.


Does that surprise you?


It did me at the time of this research.


And that’s why I personally developed a few adult coloring book mandalas and pictures for my own mother.


She was distracted, stressed out she was distracted, and the result was poorer and poorer recall.


Frankly, paying attention to the current moment is not that difficult, however, it is more than difficult if you don’t realize you’re doing it.


The premise behind coloring is to take at least 5 or 10 minutes and focus on the task at hand.


Coloring has proven to increase attention span, build stronger synaptic connections in the brain and give everyone a better chance at maintaining good memory.


It also reduces stress levels.


Here’s a special gift for you.


I have 2 of the 3 adult coloring books in a series published now on Amazon and working at completing the 3rd.


I am happy to share a pdf of a few of the inspirations with accompanying graphics from one of the books.


The book is purse size 6×9 and has an inspiration on one side in an open font that is for coloring in and the pic on the other side for coloring in.
Print this pdf, put a smile on your face, grab a colored pencil and get lost in wonder and freedom.


Experience what the one book, Please God, Don’t Let Me Be a Bag Lady has to offer. Mandala’s and pics


The other book, “Don’t let me lose my Marbles” is being considered as a resource for a senior’s center. I’m happy to report, the results are phenomenal.


People do refocus, feel better, and heal their brains.  Here’s the link to the gift again.




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