Bet you thought love.

Well, it’s not. This greatest emotion is also your greatest ally.

It’s fear.

Having said that, if you are experiencing fear stepping into a relationship, stepping out of a relationship, or even stepping on the relationship, this is great news!

Fear is great!

You’re probably wondering what a foolish statement that is. Well, look at it this way.

Fear is an indicator ready to show us what to do.

In Module 3 of my “Take Your Power Back” program,  I talk about the power you take into yourself when you  acknowledge that fear actually produces excellent results. Here’s the clincher.

Your greatest fear is that you are way better than you dare to believe.

How can that be true? Well for one thing, the more scared we are of a project or relationship, the more sure we can be that we have to do something about it. And when we step into it, the fear disappears and the project is complete. Or the relationship has begun (or not if it wasn’t supposed to be). But you’ll never know, unless you use the fear as a gauge to move forward.

Another way of looking at fear is, if something is not important to us, would we feel fear? Probably not. So if it’s not important, who cares.

But if the fear creeping in starts to feel big and ugly, it means way more to us. You know what I mean. I’m sure you can think of several examples when you felt huge fear and went ahead anyway.

Those times I was offered projects to write that I felt really afraid of, were in fact, the very projects that I knew when completed would give me a level of success and accomplishment like no other! And I also knew that if I didn’t feel afraid, but rather complacent about a project, most times I let it go. Why? Because I wouldn’t put in the due diligence and quality work it deserved. But I had options. I made sure that I recommended someone who would provide the quality workmanship the client deserved.

The same goes with relationships. If you take a complacent attitude about someone, guess what? They pick up on it, feel your crappy moods and disappear.

Another example is when actors get scared before stepping on stage. Henry Fonda was known to throw up before a performance. Now that shows how much he valued the prize. And once he was into it, the fear disappeared.

Be grateful for the fear.

It’s the sign that what lies ahead is important and shows what you have to do.

Good luck on your next move to love! Hope you’re totally in fear!

You see, one of the biggest clues you have before stepping into a relationship is, do you have reservations, resistance and fear about it? Good! It means there is a lot of love there for you.

If you didn’t love project that is terrifying you, you wouldn’t feel anything.

And the best part is. When you take the plunge, you feel so good when you finally do it.

Enjoy your fears They are valuable pieces steering you to your good life.

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