My biggest blessing in life, something I give thanks for every day is I’m finally more at peace with my age, face, body and loving myself. Taking the stance (attitude) of acceptance has me feeling good:

I am a better human being because of this
I wake up grateful
I go to sleep satisfied
And I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to live this life.
What is the biggest blessing in your life?

We all have days where life gets us down. Sometimes it’s a big thing. Sometimes it’s a small thing, Sometimes it’s the big and small things we share our living space with 😉

But whenever I feel down, I know without a single doubt in my mind that all I need to do to is remind myself of these two things. I tell myself: “What now honeybunch?” and “Friggin chill girl!” And things will start to look up.

Now, I’m not saying it’s a magic cure all. But I do know that everything will look better afterwards. And that can’t be a bad thing. Most of us realize that what we tell ourselves inititates how we feel, and ultimately makes us happier.

Gratitude is a funny thing, the more attention you give it the more it grows.

Not only am I super grateful for a short rainfall dump yesterday exactly when I was outside between the camping trailer and house – got soaked in a good way,  I didn’t have to water the plants! See what I mean, get that attitude of gratitude working for you! I KNOW cheesier than a fondue evening but who cares?!

What are you grateful for today?

There are few things as restorative as a big belly laugh. The kind where you sound a bit like a cross between a singing skunk (yep visited me today) and an angry crow (double yep screeching to high heaven) – you get what I mean.

The three things currently destroying my composure are:

This surprise photo capture of me showing my sis-in-law how to use an iphone:“Double click faster, faster, faster!”; short rainfall dump exactly when I was outside between the holiday trailer and house—carrying my linens which I now have to rewash; and a rerun episode of “Big Bang” where Sheldon is so querky I can’t even stand it! Hahahaha!

So do excuse the noise, but come onnnnn!

What’s tickling your pickle today?

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