Anyone ever tell you to your face, you look like there’s  something wrong with you? And here you were feeling top of the morning, wonderful!


What the heck?

Well several years ago I was swatched, draped and color tested.


What a great experience and not only did I find out which color suit my skin tone – I’m a warm tawny palette by the way – I saved a whole wack of money because I stopped spending on clothes that didn’t flatter me.


Color is critical. I know that now.


When I wore colors that dragged me, I did look sick. Even when I wasn’t.


My palette gives me the opportunity to choose articles that bring out my eyes – whoa… even the sunglasses frame had to match my palette – and continue to warm and harmonize my skin tone.


Nothing worse than a fair person wearing harsh cold colors, pulling the blush right out of the cheek!


Colors also express mood and tempo.


Sometimes we tend to be forceful, exciting and even bizarre, but should always be heard, admired and respected.


And so should your business brand and logo.


Instead of using any color combination that may or may not complement each other, find a sequence of colors that complement each other and use them to create your own brand and personal palette.


See here how makeup shades are produced to enhance each shade.





Your challenge is to test these on a coloring book page mandala. You’ll see the results immediately.


Notice how this mandala example looks when you use only the colors from the palette makeup shades above?


Designing Your Own Palettes


If you’re ready to start your own Color Palette Challenge, you might be wondering just where to go to get sets of colors to use.


Here are some sources you will find helpful:


Adobe Color CC:

Color Scheme Generator:

Color Schemer Online:




Because the coloring craze continues to grow, and adults color more and more, adding to the excitement and fun of the activity will help you build a bigger and more interested following.


Build your brand with confidence.

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